With OneDios, All Brands Services Are Available At Your Fingertips

In today’s world, you have likely splurged into different home appliances and durables for a better lifestyle. You can be someone who loves to try different products from different brands and many of these products need regular servicing and many times it results in multiple calls to call centres of different brands. However, contacting customer care is a complicated process and includes problems such as call drop-offs, protracted IVR line waits, and repeating the exact data to many call centre executives. You can instead use OneDios for raising requests for multiple brands either using its official site or app without phoning anyone. It is a single gateway for many brands’ services. Whether you use a Daikin AC or a Godrej refrigerator, OneDios has a solution to every appliance dysfunction. You can book services for 500+ brands with this platform in only 60 seconds. Here are some of the features of OneDios:

Quick Response

The ease with which you may submit a request for any brand is one of the finest features of utilizing this app. It will take a total of 60 seconds for you to raise a request. All you need to do is pick the brand, the item, the service, and the appropriate date. Your inquiry will be sent. This is how easily and rapidly you can make a service reservation.

500+ Brands

OneDios has tied up with more than 500 brands. For instance, Voltasbeko customer care has partnered with OneDios for quite a while now. Following this collaboration, customer satisfaction has increased significantly. Now, the firm won’t have to spend too much money on Voltasbeko customer care. Due to the OneDios quick processing times compared to Voltasbeko customer care, users also benefited greatly. Another example is the collaboration of Livpure customer care with OneDios. Now, customers don’t have to go through that exhausting process of raising a request with Livpure customer care. You can simply schedule a request in OneDios within seconds. Since you can raise all the services for Livpure products, you don’t need to call Livpure customer care.

OneDios is constantly extending its reach from consumer durables to the automobile sector by partnering with more and more brands. More brands will make it better for you to get different brands’ services under one roof.

Different Services

OneDios offers many services for its users. You not only get the option of servicing your home appliances and automobiles, but it also provides services for electronic devices, including mobile phones, laptops and more. This range of services also comprises pathology lab tests. You will get doorstep service for a range of tests.

Easy To Use

Despite having multiple services, it is quite easy for you to find the required service in OneDios, especially when you use its application. The user-friendly interface gives you multiple options to search your requirements. The icons of every brand make it easier for you to locate the right one. Also, the search option further makes it quicker to do this task.

Tracking The Status

OneDios offers you a tracking feature, in contrast to brand customer service. You can quickly obtain the status of your request on your mobile phone. It makes it simpler for you to plan your day so that you don’t end up getting a surprise visit from the service team.


How many times have you lost your invoices and warranties for various appliances? You must have come across such a situation at some point in your life. So where can you keep them safe and secure? OneDios gives you an option of uploading all the documents related to your product so that next time you don’t have to think hard for finding your documents.


You can even buy authorised extended warranties, AMC and other plans for your device or appliance with OneDios. It will add an extra level of protection to your product. Since these are authorised services, you don’t have to worry about the genuineness of these services.

The features mentioned above make it simpler for you to access services and make your life more convenient. Download the OneDios app now to take benefit of all these amazing features.

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