Why Your Home Needs a Large Room Humidifier

Clean air is so important for good health. One of the best ways to ensure that you are able to provide your home with the best quality of air is by getting a large room humidifier.

This is because a humidifier is one of the best ways you can actually get moisture into your home. When your home has moist air, you will help lower the chances of developing health issues with your respiratory system. In fact, studies show that a humidifier can help with preventing a range of health complications—from helping prevent dried-out sinuses and bloody noses to colds and bronchitis.

It is important to remember though that if you are going to use a humidifier, you want to also use it correctly in your home—ensuring that you really do get nothing but get clean air to breathe in.

This is why you not only need a humidifier in your home but one that ticks all the boxes when it comes to functionality, ease of use, and longevity.

To help you in choosing the best large room humidifier for your own home, we’ve put together the ultimate guide on everything you need to know about humidifiers.

The Type of Design

There are a ton of varieties when it comes to the types of humidifiers out there. So one of the first things you will need to consider is the type of operating design it has. Here are the varieties to consider.

1. Evaporative

This type of humidifier uses a fan that blows out air through either a filter or a wet wick—ultimately getting evaporated water into the room. While it is great for producing cool mist in the air, they do need to constantly be cleaned to reduce the chance of mold or bacteria developing within. While they are quiet and affordable, there is a bit of upkeep that will be required.

2. Impeller

This type of humidifier uses a rotating disc to get water out into the air. But rather than mist, it is able to create actual water droplets that float into the air. While these humidifiers are a bit louder when operating, they do still get a nice and cool mist into the air and can also be easy to maintain as long as you clean them after every use.

3. Ultrasonic

This type of humidifier is able to create mist by using ceramic plates that vibrate and produce an ultrasonic frequency. The result of extra efficient when it comes to producing cool mist, but if it is operating in an area that is a bit dusty, those dust particles can also get sent into the air. So make sure that the area around the humidifier is always clean.

4. Steam

This type of humidifier is able to take electricity and turn the water into steam that is then sent into your room. This moisture is often the cleanest compared to all other humidifiers, but there is more risk of it harming any tiny humans or pets that could accidentally knock it over.

Do You Want Cool or Warm Mist

Next, you will want to decide if you want to have cool mist or warm mist being repelled into the air from your humidifier. There are pros and cons to both for you to consider.

With warm mist, you will be able to easily ensure that any threat of bacteria is eliminated and killed off. It will also ensure that you will get more moisture into the air and really support any medicated products you want to use with your humidifier. In addition, the humidifier tends to be quieter too as there is no fan needed to keep the mist cold.

With cold mist, there is less risk of the humidifier harming others in your household—such as a burn. In addition, other benefits of cool air include allowing you to be more energy-efficient, keep things cool during warm days, and also reach more space in the room.

Other Things to Note

Of course, there are plenty of other considerations that you will want to keep in mind too when it comes to your large room humidifier. One of the first ones should be how easy it is to handle and clean. You want to make sure that the humidifier is easy to refill, is easy to clean, and easy to move.

Next, you will want to make sure that the noise levels of the humidifier are something that you can tolerate. Ideally, the humidifier will either be silent or on a low mode so that you can use in your bedroom or home office.

Finally, you want to make sure that other people recommend the brand that you are wanting to purchase. They will give you honest insight into what works and what does not.

So go out there, get yourself a large room humidifier and start enjoying the clean quality air in your home!

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