Why you should Prefer Huawei P50 Pro?

This year imprints an incredible beginning for the brand to send off and present its lead, with every one of the wild contests around, Huawei revealed 2 phones, the huawei p50 pro and the P50 Pocket with this time HUAWEI decided to involve Snapdragon SOC for both of the models that is leader execution pressed into it.


The P50 pro is built on a slender profile with a weight of 195 Grams, which isn’t always too heavy and clean to maintain with its slide side on both facet and clean pocket table in your denims or trousers. Over to the lower back/rear of the cellphone, it’s miles manufactured from glassy gloss end with shines all around the telephone, and you could use it as a mirror as nicely, but that also manner the rear of the cellphone is an absolute fingerprint magnet that calls for wiping until you are the usage of it with the blanketed returned case inside the container. Toward the digital component is an island design of two bump along with four camera sensors and a twin tone flash. Bump smart, it’s now not terribly stressful and the covered slim profile translucent casing will remedy the trouble.

Gives plunge access further and in to this audit of the p50 pro and we assume the excursion of encountering this astounding gadget that could be perfect for you.

Photographs & Recording

Cell phones these days should propose as far as diversion, work, efficiency, and route, in addition to other things, and Huawei offers options in contrast to what Android clients know are absolute necessities, including Gmail, YouTube, and Google. Drive, Google Maps, and so on the off chance that an application isn’t accessible on Huawei’s local application store, it offers workarounds with Quick Apps and Petal Search, so clients can in any case make an application symbol on the home screen. For locales like YouTube.

There are a couple of tradeoffs however, as a portion of these applications can’t come close to the UX and speed of custom applications, and keeping in mind that they take care of business, it requires carrying out pointless tasks.

With regards to equipment, it’s ideal to think about what is generally significant too. Some want huge screens, strong batteries, network, while others need a strong camera regardless of anything else. The p50 pro is equipped for taking 8K photographs and 4K recordings, and on the off chance that you’re searching for a compact camera in your pocket, the P50 stands apart from the group. Highlights like 100x zoom range, genuinely stable shooting, and quick catch with genuine center are helpful and fun, and add to the portable experience.

For the people who have been ruined by Google, the P50 Pro offers options however additional means to manage, and the cell phone’s weighty spotlight on the camera is both a gift and a revile. A gift on the grounds that the telephone’s camera has forever separates Huawei, and will positively hold any importance with those searching for the forefront of versatile photography, and a revile on the grounds that it doesn’t straightforwardly address the absence of GMS and may even have all the earmarks of being a type of misguidance.

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