Why you should consider buying Decra roofing tiles for your building

Decra is the leading coated steel manufacturer for residential and commercial roofing. With over 60 years of experience, Decra offers the best roofing solutions alongside a lifetime warranty guarantee.

Whether you are building a house or considering a roof repair, investing in Decra roofing tiles ensures you a stable and secure roofing solution for your building.

Roofing tiles at Decra are manufactured from 100% recyclable corrosion-resistant metal core, making them climate-friendly. The tiles are made from steel metal coated with aluminum, zinc, and silicon, making them durable and resilient.

Decra roofing tiles’ long experience in the roofing industry gives them the advantage of strong technology with severe external testing and an extensive research and development program. The main feature of this technology is protection.

Decra roof tiles protect their clients’ homes against harsh weather while protecting the steel against corrosion.

In addition, buying Decra roofing tiles has other advantages, such as reliability, professional support, a variety of tile materials, styles, and colors with a clear and affordable price range that guarantees warranty disclosures.

A one-stop-shop for all

Decra roofing tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. They are also available in different materials that accommodate all roofing requirements.

Decra roof tiles are also available for all types of roof surfaces depending on slope and pitch.

Price and warranty disclosures

At Decra, you can choose a suitable roofing solution within your budget without worrying about unexpected expenses. Decra roofing tiles prices in Kenya vary with the range of products available and accommodate all types of clients.

More importantly, they are upfront about all costs incurred during purchasing, shipping, and installation.

Decra offers a 50-year warranty with their roofing tiles, giving you a lifetime guarantee of a safe and quality rooftop.

Lightweight tiles

Decra roofing tiles weigh only 15% of the weight of clay or concrete, enabling them to cover large areas with a minimal support structure. They can be installed over timber and steel structures, concrete slabs, or plywood.


The roofing tiles offer high levels of security and safety.

They are also strong enough to withstand fires, rain, strong winds, and light earthquakes.


Decra roofing tiles cannot be damaged by harsh weather or corrosion. In addition, the appearance of the tiles does not fade over time as the stones are embedded in a thick acrylic resin that bonds them to the tile.

Professional support for clients

Choosing a rooftop for your building can be hectic if you do not know what makes a suitable rooftop.

Decra offers professional support for clients making their customer experience easier. Various factors are considered before settling on the roofing tiles suitable for your building which minimizes maintenance costs through future repairs.


If you are in the market for quality roofing tiles, Decra offers safe, versatile, and durable roof tiles without compromising on aesthetics.

Their wide range of products allows you to pick the most suitable roofing tiles for residential and commercial roofing, depending on individual preference and other vital factors.

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