Why the Executive Programme in Investment Banking and Capital Markets from IIM Calcutta could be your best bet

Investment banking and capital markets are very lucrative and prestigious sectors. An investment banking certification by IIM Calcutta might be your key to entering these sectors. IIM Calcutta is one of the oldest institutes in India for postgraduate management studies. If you are a graduate with over 50% aggregate marks and have 2 years of work experience, the new Executive Programme in Investment Banking and Capital Markets (EPIBCM) from Calcutta’s IIM is a great choice. Not only will it increase your career prospects but also help you gain in-depth knowledge of investment banking and capital markets worldwide. 

This is a long program conducted by respectable IIM faculty and takes 12 months to complete. Students get access to the executive alumni portal and can take advantage of world-class peer networking. If you decide to sign for this programme, you also get a dedicated email account and inbox ending with IIM Calcutta’s domain. More than anything, the executive alumnus status itself is sure to impress your peers, friends and colleagues. The program is arranged by IIM Calcutta with the help of Imarticus Learning, one of the leading institutes for advanced or postgraduate online certifications. 

The classes will be live online classes as well as on-campus sessions in IIM Calcutta’s 135-acre campus. The exams will also be held by IIMC and students will be provided grades based on their performance during the assessments. Being certified by IIM has its perks when it comes to your career as you will immediately notice that you seem more desirable to companies across the nation and even the globe. IIMs and especially IIMC are known for their quality education and high standards, thus, professionals completing executive programmes arranged by the IIMs are considered to be equally talented. 

Within one year, the programme covers three foundational modules and seven advanced modules. All the modules are taught with real-life examples and case studies from financial events, corporate events and capital markets. During the first few months of the programme, a three-day workshop will be conducted on-campus while another workshop will be held during the end of the programme as well.  

EPIBCM Details and Syllabus

The capital markets and investment banking certification by IIM Calcutta has been specially designed to deliver each module effectively and in the span of one year. The classes are held once a week on Saturdays from 6 PM to 9 PM (subject to changes) and are interactive with experience sharing and live discussions about corporate events or financial examples. Other industry experts and senior professionals from outside the faculty are also invited to share their domain insights and experiences.

The first three foundation modules are Financial Accounting and Analysis, Financial Management and Financial Economics.

Meanwhile, the advanced modules of this Investment banking certification by IIM, Calcutta cover the following important topics:

  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Equity Capital Markets
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
  • Portfolio Fund Management
  • Securities Market Research and Valuation
  • Securities Market Sales and Trading
  • Securities Market Regulations

All these modules combined are able to provide you with a strong foundation in investment banking and capital markets, preparing you for success in your professional life and for a career in investment banking. The programme will provide you with all the technical knowledge that is required from finance professionals in these sensitive sectors. You will also gain various important managerial capabilities that are expected from capital market experts and investment bankers. 

You can also find yourself in roles such as these:

  • Investments and Capital Market Consultant
  • Asset Manager
  • Security Market Research Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Securities Sales and Trading Broker
  • Securities Consultant
  • Financial Market Regulator
  • Investment Portfolio Manager


The programme ends with a capstone project that lets you apply all that you have learnt and gain some hands-on experience as well. If you want a career in investment banking, the best Investment banking certification by IIM, Calcutta is definitely one of the prime bets for you.

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