Why is AL-Jaleel Garden Best Option?

Living a luxurious life is everyone’s dream. However, financial conditions could be the hurdle in this dream. Yet there is an ideal option that is equipped with all the modern facilities and accessibility options yet in the range of the common man. This is AL-Jaleel Garden that has all the facilities that any five-star housing society could have but is economical friendly too. AL-Jaleel Garden is a residential society that is developed on the principles of the modern housing society.

Owners and Developers:

Names of owners and developers are enough to guess what society has to offer. CEO of the company is Nasrullah Khan, a renowned name in the property and developer are of AL-Noor Orchard. So this combination inserts trust in the eyes of investors and buyers. They have put forth their best to provide state of the art facilities. The main focus of developers is to provide

Flawless architectural and urban planning

Infrastructure development

Road work development and management.

Provision of a safe and sound society to live in.

The society is approved by TMA tehsil Municipal Administrative, so it is a completely legal housing society. This factor is the point of attraction for investors, and investors’ interest in society increases its worth.


Accessibility is another factor that dominates this society from rest. The society exists right at the Lore Jaranwala Road and is only 2 min away from M2.moreover the society is only 19 min away from Lahore Ring road. It is approachable through N5 in just 15 mins. Society is the best option for a walled city or people of interior Lahore. As in this exist just 30 min away from Badshahi Mosque. Hence all these facilities make this the best option to live in and invest in. However, this is not the accessibility that makes this option best, but its facilities dominate all other factors.


It has been already discussed that the main objective is to provide a luxurious living experience, so working on this principle, the society is equipped with elegant and aesthetically beautiful landscaping. In order to enhance beauty, society has underground utilities that maintain and improve the beauty of society.

The society has well established and well facilitated medical centre that is equipped with all the modern and international standard facilities.

A clean and green environment is enhanced through the use of a proper sewerage system and beautification through green belts. Moreover, developers provide filtered waters through their own water filtration plants for the residents.

140 Kanal theme park is another point of attraction.

Pricing and plotting:

There is the vast cutting of plots to as in there are plots of 3, 5, 10, 20 Marla and the starting price is just 400,000 per Marla. As in the society is approved so one can easily invest and get the return within one year. In case you are planning to invest in Al-Jaleel Garden, do give Plotsoninstallment a call. As they are a team of experts that has great in-depth knowledge about society, plotting and pricing.

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