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Travis Scott is one of the famous and viral rappers in the music industry today. In Houston, Texas, Travis Scott Jack Berman Webster II was born on April 30, 1991. In his college life, Scott admitted at the University of Texas at San Antonio but suddenly decided to drop out of his 2nd year to concentrate on his music career.

One of the surest ways to become famous is to have a close relationship with the Kardashian family, not to mention the bonds he made with Kanye West.

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On top of being very popular for its mixtape and association with Kanye West’s Good Music label, Travis Scott has established himself as a dynamic performer and one of the unique cultural figures in today’s rap music.

He left school to pursue music.

Getting started in music was certainly not easy for Travis Scott. Once he realized that his work at the university was not going anywhere, he decided to leave school and move to New York City.

He would begin to focus on music, dedicate all his time to networking, and find his material there.

Travis Scott has a family relationship with Kanye West

Everyone knows Kanye West as the man who started Travis Scott’s career, signed him to his excellent music label, and later changed his life.

However, the two have a relationship that goes beyond friends. They are more like families; Scott often refers to Kani as his stepfather.

He was a pianist and trumpeter.

Travis Scott has ever been indented in music and has started to play drums since three years old. Playing the drums will also lead him to play the piano, although he will only play the piano for two years.

His first band was called Graduates.

At the age of 16, he established a band called The Graduates with some of his friends. The band did not last long, though, breaking up when the rapper went to college just two years later.

He had to change cities to succeed.

Although he made many efforts to start his music career in New York City, Travis Scott could not do so.

For this reason, he tried to switch to Los Angeles, a place where he was soon able to discover while sleeping on the sofa and performing at local clubs.

The Kardashians were already fans for his rapping songs.

After signing a contract with Good Music, it was clear that Travis Scott would maintain some relationship with the extended Kardashian family. Even before she started dating Kylie Jenner, her sister Kendall was already a fan of her music.

Music was a way to try to impress girls.

Travis Scott learned to play the piano when he was growing up but left a few years later. In an interview, when asked why he left, the artist cited his inability to influence girls as the main reason for stopping the piano practice.

He was separated from her family.

When Travis Scott dropped out of school in New York City to pursue his musical dreams, he lied to his family.

Both he asked them for capital to support him go to school in NYC, but he did not tell them of his plans much later.

It caused a rift between him and his family, which prevented Scott from returning home when they started having problems with his music career.


Travis Scott is a successful American rapper and now a revived dad. His age now is 22 years and also has a lot of prospects to correspond the rest of his career.

As of 2022, the total value of Travis Scott is evaluated at $ 50 million.

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