Which Macbook is better to buy? 13-inch MacBook Air or 13-inch MacBook Pro?

Apple has now finally updated Macbook Air with lots of new features and technical changes, so a lot of people are confused about which variant of MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

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Apple has listed new prices and benefits of each model, as per the usage of person to person and easy to choose the best variant which suits you. 

New Exterior Changes & differences 

The new MacBook Air now comes with Retina display which is the best in segment but as compared with the 13-inch Macbook Pro, it seems to be dimmer. The MacBook Pro display supports P3 Wide-color gamut, as the Air does have as accurate a colourful display resolution as MacBook Pro.

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In terms of weight, MacBook Air is almost a quarter pound lighter than MacBook Pro. In terms of size, both the laptops basically share the same dimensions but if you look at the edges, MacBook Air has more of a wedge design when kept along with the MacBook Pro. 

Specializing at the peak points, Air is the thickest among the both of the laptops but the front edge of MacBook Air is quite thinner. A major reason for the MacBook Air keyboard is downwards for a much more comfortable and user friendly writing for the typing purpose. The MacBook Pro has shape edges around the corner which can sometimes be uncomfortable for users.

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MacBook Air comes with the Third-generation butterfly keyboard which is designed to incorporate silicon barriers under the keys to block debris entering the console for better safety. The silicon shield makes the MacBook Air keyboard more reliable and safer than the second generation mechanism built in Pro.

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The trackpad built-in MacBook Pro is significantly larger than MacBook Air and almost equivalent to a notebook.

Feature comparison

The stereo inside MacBook Pro 2017 results better than Macbook Air as the audio components are more dynamic and give slightly better output then the updated Air. As we tested both the laptops and found the MacBook Pro more clear.

If we go beyond the design of MacBook Air, Air leads the Pro in many aspects. There are some of the inbuilt features in Air like Touch ID and Apple Pay. 

It has Apple’s T2 security chip, automated answers by Siri and also cares for multiple tasking on behalf of the processor, such as file encryption.

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The MacBook Air has a powerful battery which is capable of surviving for 12 hours of life and MacBook Pro is slightly underpowered in terms of battery life with just 10hours of life but it gets a 61-Watt charger which is a plus point and the Air comes with a 30-watt charger. To conclude the Air may take longer to charge in spite of having high battery range.


The MacBook Pro is the best if you have concern for performance, larger trackpad, Graphics and bulky looks from outside then just go for MacBook Pro.

As you are looking for the long lasting battery life, regular typing, light weight, reliable, latest design and easy to carry in routine cause its the lightest among the rest in the segment with latest features then don’t think much before buying MacBook Air.

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