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What to Consider When Buying a Commercial Juice Dispenser

A juice dispenser is a piece of equipment that releases juice in controlled amounts. It could be natural blended juice or artificial juice.

This article will explore the various considerations when choosing the most appropriate juice dispenser to suit one’s needs. It will be of utmost value to those intending to make a purchase but don’t know where to start.


It goes hand in hand with the purpose of the juice dispenser is to be put. Juice dispensers are mainly utilized in large-scale, small-scale businesses, which are generally much more prominent due to the large number of customers served. Those meant for home use are almost always smaller due to the reduced operation rate.


The material used during manufacturing should have a high rust resistance. The most preferred material is stainless steel due to its non-rusting capability. It goes a long way in ensuring the machine goes for extended periods without spoiling. The machine’s durability ensures that business is conducted well for extended periods.


Most come in either 20 or 12-liter capacities. The 20 liters are mainly used for business purposes, while the 12 liters are used at home. The large capacity machines are meant for business due to the many clients served.

Cooling Ability

The commercial juice dispenser should have a built-in cooling feature. It maintains the chill in drinks to ensure a refreshing taste for those drinking. The cooling system should have its regulating part to ensure the temperature can be tightly controlled.

Noise levels

Different dispensers have varying levels of noise. The old versions will most likely make large amounts of noise. It can be attributed to the fact that the technology was much less developed, so substandard products were manufactured. The newer versions will mostly have reduced levels of noise.

Ease in dismantling

The juice dispenser should be easy to dismantle and facilitate easier and deeper cleaning. It will ensure the most crucial parts of the juice dispenser are appropriately maintained.

Magnetic impeller

This device is put in place to ensure proper stirring of the juice. Well stirred juice will keep its contents suspended in the liquid, thus maintaining a uniform solution.

Ease of use

Low-skilled workers will most likely operate the machine. The simplicity of the device will make sure that a majority of people can handle it. The more complex juice dispensers will require the skills of an expert in the respective field.

Removable bowls or faucets

The bowls containing juice should be easily removable. It is a handy feature that ensures the bowls can be drained of liquid and filled. One can also clean the bowls adequately if removable. It will ensure that a high standard of cleanliness is maintained.


It is a universal factor when purchasing a product of any kind. The buyer should ensure they buy a low-cost juice dispenser while considering the other factors described above.


After meticulously following the information cited above, the buyer can make an informed decision before purchasing. Check commercial juice extractor price in Kenya.

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