What makes online slots the best in India?

In India slot machines have the title of “Best Casino Game” for a reason. Do you know how many online slots exist today? As of early 2021, software providers have released over 4,000 land-based and online slot machines. If you want to do a couple of spins in each game, it will take over a year. And during this time new online slots will be released! Such popularity and variability promote this gaming genre to the top and attracts a lot of audience. This is one of the important factors that has taken slots to the top.

Choosing a top game

You have visited the Australian casino website and are choosing game for the evening. Open the online slots section, scroll past colorful banners and covers. All games look very interesting, have excellent graphics and attract with short videos. How do you choose the best among the thousands of games? When choosing, you should focus on the following criteria:

  1. Jackpot. Slot machine online have the highest payouts among all casino games – from x100 to x1,500. If you are always playing big bets and aiming for giant wins, then it is worth sorting games with progressive jackpots and multiple jackpots. The juiciest payouts are here.
  2. Bonuses. All modern slots have different bonuses. These can be free spins, re-spins, payout multipliers, mini-games, sticky Wilds, and so on. Sometimes in the bonus round, you can win more than the jackpot.
  3. Return to Player (RTP). RTP is your expected winnings per 1,000 games. The higher the RTP in the game, the greater your chances of winning and ending this gambling evening with a profit in your pocket. Choose games only with RTP 95% and higher.
  4. Volatility. Another important stat that shows how often you will hit winning combos. Avoid low volatility or medium volatility games.
  5. Plot and graphics. After all, we play games for fun. Find the game with the theme that you like the most and the playing time will pass unnoticed. Good graphics and music will only complement the excellent gaming atmosphere.

Follow these points and you can definitely find a game that will become your favorite.

Learn more about casino games

Apart from slot machines, the casino has many other incredible games. If you want to try something new, here is a complete list of the options available:

  • Poker. Card game for multiple players. Defeat your opponents and take a giant pot.
  • Roulette. Try to guess the place where the ball falls and get big winnings. You can play with a live dealer via online broadcast.
  • Black Jack. A very cool casino game that you can also play with a live dealer. Draw a hand of up to 21 points and try to beat the dealer.
  • Video poker. A variation of online slots with playing cards instead of symbols and Texas Hold’em combinations.
  • Wheel of Fortune. Great show with bonus rounds and big multipliers.
  • Baccarat. Who will win, the player or the dealer? Place your bet and find out the result.

At you will find these and many other games. Try yourself in other genres and enjoy real money gambling to the fullest.

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