What Makes Cricket in India so Popular?

Talking about sports in India, one’s mind goes to Cricket sports. The love for Cricket in India is unmatched. It explains why it has more comprehensive views in India than other sports like football and Hockey.

Read along to know why Cricket has an extensive fan base and is India’s most popular sports game.

5 Reasons why Cricket in India is so popular

Let’s get directly to knowing why cricket in India is so popular.

1. The Simplicity of the Cricket Game

Cricket is one of the games that are easy to play. For the non-professional game, you only need a friend, and you are good to go. The good thing is that it can be played anywhere, and you do not need a big space to enjoy the game.

Because the young Indians are so creative, they find it easier to play Cricket than any other game Some Indian children, who could not afford the required cricket balls and net, use any old metal pipes to play Cricket.

This game is so simple and easy to play than the international games. A true definition that Indians do not just support the game by watching it, they are also involved in playing it at a younger age, and with time, they become good players.

2. Sports Betting

Online betting for Cricket has made Cricket be known worldwide. This is because Cricket is given the highest betting percentage in India compared to any other game. Cricket betting enables most people to get in touch with Cricket on their phones or laptops more than other games like football in India.

Indians, therefore, do not have to watch the game in the cricket stadiums alone. But at the click of their phones or laptops, they can watch the game and bet for Cricket on the amazing low deposit sports betting sites. Through betting, they get themselves engaged in the game and, at the same time, get some money. By this, the game’s popularity has increased.

3. A good Cricket Infrastructure

India has an excellent modern infrastructure for Cricket. It has good cricket training centers that produce good players. India has coaching centers where both adults and young people can enroll to learn more about Cricket.

India also has many cricket stadiums where people can watch Cricket being played. There is at least one stadium in every Indian Town. These stadiums provide international cricket training and high-end cricket facilities—a reason behind Cricket’s popularity in India.

4. Cricket has excellent Media Coverage and Money

Cricket has proved to be one of the most lucrative businesses in India. It always has great media coverage. During cricket matches, Cricket is always the theme of commercial advertisements.

Again, due to this great media coverage, most cricket clubs and cricket players have been lucky enough to get sponsors and advertisements. Some of the cricketers are brand ambassadors, and they influence people to buy the products because of their popularity.

5. Indians Physical Characteristics

The lifestyle of Indians does not allow them to play some sports games like tennis, football, and Hockey. These other games require well-built bodies with great strength and good height. But unfortunately, most of the Indians do not work on their bodies and are not tall.

This, therefore, discourages them from playing other sport games apart from Cricket, which is easy to play and do not require much energy.


In India, Cricket is the most played game. Cricket has gained popularity throughout the years in India. It has increased the living standard of most people in India. Most young Indian cricket players have a luxurious lifestyle since they get paid because of Cricket.

They have scholarships from big companies, and they are paid well. Again, because these players are famous and are brand ambassadors of some commodities, they make Cricket more and more popular throughout the world.

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