What Kind of Divorce Issues Do Divorce Lawyers in Milwaukee Handle?

Divorce lawyers in Milwaukee routinely handle various issues in connection with divorce. A divorce lawyer Milwaukee WI will help you file for a divorce, decide child custody, and divide the property. They will also help with spousal support and alimony. You can get a divorce lawyer to help you with any of these issues.

As a result, a divorce lawyer can help you to deal with the emotional side of filing for and bringing forth the final order. These lawyers will also help you understand how to deal with child custody matters and how to get child support payments. Getting a divorce lawyer can ensure that you are informed of your rights as an individual in Wisconsin court.

Here is a list of divorce issues that divorce lawyers in Milwaukee usually deal with.

  • Child custody and visitation

 Dealing with child custody and visitation can be a very confusing area. This is especially true if your spouse was never married before. You need to make sure that you understand how these issues will be handled. You can get a divorce attorney to give you advice in this area if it is needed.

  • Property division

Property division may not seem like an important issue but it is a very complicated one when you have children involved. Wisconsin law requires that all property be divided down the middle after divorce except for what needs to be sold by the bank or other vested interest holder.

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  • Divorce mediation

You may not be ready to go through the hassle of a divorce on your own and you may be too busy to have a lawyer do the work for you. Divorce mediation can help you simplify this process. The lawyer will work with both spouses and try to reach a compromise in the case.

  • Alimony

Many people feel torn about alimony, but it is part of Wisconsin law and must be paid out during a divorce. A divorce attorney will help you understand how your spouse can receive this payment if you are paying it or if they are receiving it from you as well as how much they get on top of that amount.

  • Calculating child support

While this seems like a simple calculation, it is really kind of tricky. You have to understand how much the child should get each month based on the number of days that the child was in school, whether they are going to college, and what kind of financial situation you are in. This can be hard to figure out without a lawyer’s help.

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