What Is The Best Age To Learn Piano? 

The piano is a musical instrument that appeals to the young and the old alike. It is fun to explore and easy to play. But these aside, parents mostly wonder about the best age that their children should start learning the piano, especially when they are interested in building the ability of their kids to play the instrument and become experts at it.

So back to our earlier question- what’s the best age to learn piano?

Depending on the interest and ability of the child, it’s good to expose your child to piano lessons from the age of 6-9 years. Older learners will find it easy to learn, but the young ones will also find it easier to learn because pianos have keys that are incredibly easy to operate. So if you have a child who is not yet 6 years, and is interested in playing the piano, you can introduce them to this amazing musical instrument.

Factors that determine if your child is ready to learn the piano

Some factors could help you understand if your child is ready to undertake a piano lesson. Some of these considerations are physical and include such things as hand size, dexterity, coordination, and finger independence. However, for many piano learners, some social factors could determine if they are ready for the lessons. For instance, the learners should be able to focus, communicate with others and follow a plan from the start to the end.

Powerful signs that your child is ready to start learning

1. Your child has basic motor skills.

Children who have well-developed basic motor skills will find it easier to reach different noes. Even for those whose basic motor skills are not well developed, playing the piano can help. It’s imperative to ensure that your child has moderate finger and hand strength to help press down the keys which produce sound in a piano.

2. The child understands the difference between right and left

To play piano, you will have to use both hands, and to play most songs, you will need to understand the difference between left and right. However, beginner piano lessons do not always require lots of limb independence or direction.

3. The child can count

A child who understands how to count from one to four can take part in most piano lessons. For instance, counting from one to four is necessary to play most of the songs.

4. Your child is motivated

Unless a child has the motivation to play the piano, there is no way to push him into this. With the right amount of motivation, a child can progress at a rate that is much higher when compared to kids who lack motivation. You can know if a child is motivated if they always get excited to play new songs.

5. Daily practice

A child who is ready to practice for about 30 minutes daily is capable of learning piano and progressing at a good pace.

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