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What is SEO? and What will you Learn in SEO?

Do you want to learn SEO? Do you want to make a career in SEO but don’t know where to start from? Here is our beginner’s guide to SEO. Read everything you need to know about making a career in SEO.

Let us first cover who can opt for SEO and make a career in this field.

It doesn’t matter if you are a school pass-out or a graduate, a fresher, a homemaker, a marketing professional, a job seeker, an entrepreneur, a business person; you can opt for this course. It doesn’t matter which field you are from, and you can join this course. Moreover, SEO doesn’t require any academic qualification to learn

SEO. You need to know where to begin learning SEO. And the best way to begin learning SEO is by joining the best digital marketing course in Jaipur or any other city in India, for their online or offline course.

Now, we will discuss all the significant aspects of SEO. So let us start the ultimate guide. So let us start the ultimate guide.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has the sole purpose of improving the rank of a website with structured optimization. The concept of SEO belonged to the 90s when search engines were introduced to the world. But then, it was not given much importance because of very few websites’ availability, and now at present, there are more than 200 million active websites on search engines. And Because of this tremendous rise, SEO has become an essential part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

SEM is divided into two. One is PPC (Pay Per Click), as the name suggests paid, it is a type of paid advertising, and the other is SEO, which focuses on organic (not paid) marketing methods and brings traffic to your website. Therefore, in this blog, you will read about SEO only.

To go through the quick working of the SEO, you can go through a quick example. Suppose your website offers some tour package services. Whenever a person searches for a tour package on any search engine, there will be hundreds of websites offering the same services. So, which website has to be put at the top is decided by Google as per the respective SEO. Hence, everything you do on the website to make it understandable by the search engine is SEO.

What You Will Learn in SEO?

What you will learn in seo

SEO Basics

The very first thing that the SEO course includes is the basics of SEO. It is all about The first thing that the SEO course includes is SEO basics. It is all about the same that we just discussed. The basics of SEO include its introduction, importance, tools, etc. The basics of SEO are crucial for those who are new to this field. Once you know what SEO is, the higher courses will start.

Understand the Search Engines

Search Engines are simple online tools where you search for information on the internet. The best example of a search engine is Google. Although there are numerous search engines, Google is the most used one.

So, in this section of the SEO course, you will learn about how search engines work. Or what are the steps of the sectors that search engines focus on while ranking the pages? You will also learn about different steps included in the Search engine’s working such as Crawling, Indexing, picking the results, and showing the results to the users.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important thing you will learn in the SEO course. This alone can help in growing your visibility on the result page. The two crucial things that you learn in it are knowing your niches and developing ideas for them.

When you do the keywords research, you learn about the words being mostly searched and the sub-topics that you can add to the contents. You are also taught about the various keywords research tools and ways to use them in this course. For learning purposes, you can use the free keywords tools, and later on, you can switch to the paid one while working professionally.

Content Optimization

Content optimization can be considered as the king of your site. Because in the end, it is all about how much quality content you are providing and not what strategies you are making.

On the first note, your content needs to be high in quality, and then you can focus on the strategies to get it to the top of the research page. So, the major things you will learn are to select the best topics and sub-topics and present them in an attractive way to the audience.

On-Page and Technical SEO

Technical SEO and On-Page SEO are two essential parts of SEO optimization. On-Page SEO is all about the content and the other things included on the page. So, in this part, you will learn how to make your website more user-friendly and understandable for the search engines. The next one is technical SEO optimization, which deals with the visibility of your page in the search engine’s result page. It also helps make the site more responsive in case of loading speed and time taken. It makes sure that the videos, images, or animations used on the page are being uploaded correctly.

Why Learn SEO?

why learn seo

Let us go through the primary reasons why we should learn SEO.

Organic Search Results

The pages or the sites listed in the Search Engine Result Page, apart from the ads, have the most relevant content to what the user is searching. The advertisements shown at the top are part of the inorganic traffic gaining tools like PPC. If you want your page to rank higher in the organic search than you cannot pay for it, you need to use SEO optimization in the best ways. SEO is what helps you to rank top in the organic search results. This is why learning SEO is considered necessary. Many digital marketing companies offer consulting hours, you can sign up on their online forms and get SEO consulting with the best SEO experts out there.

Quality of Organic Traffic

The main of SEO is to get quality content traffic, not only the traffic which can anytime leave your site. And the quality organic traffic is gained by providing quality content. So, it would help if you would be specific about the services or the products that your website is providing. Also, do not try to add fancy keywords to rank your site if you are not providing the same services because that can quickly drain the organic crowd in your site. This will undoubtedly leave a bad impact on the search engine as well. So, only develop the quality content for the users and search engines and gain the quality organic traffic.

Quantity of Organic Traffic

When your site ranks in the top positions of the organic search, visitors’ chances to click your page are high. Hence, whenever you get a visitor, this method adds up the organic traffic you have. So, make the best SEO strategy and make the most relevant content for the users and search engines to push you up in the SERP. Also, you must be aware of the importance of organic traffic and its impacts on your sites.

From Where to learn SEO?


Now, since you know the importance of learning SEO, it’s time to get to know the best digital marketing institutes that offer you to learn SEO courses online. Many online and offline institutes in India provide the best digital marketing course and other specialization courses. Hence, below is the list of India’s best digital marketing institutes that offer the best SEO training Course.

  1. Quibus Trainings
  2. Digital Vidya
  3. Google Garage – Digital Marketing Course by Google
  4. Reliablesoft Academy
  5. SEMRUSH Academy
  6. ClickMinded Digital Marketing Course
  7. HubSpot Online Marketing Courses
  8. IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education)

Hence, these were the basic aspects related to the SEO learning process. It will be the perfect help for the person looking for a guide for SEO.

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