What is exactly a cricket wicket?

When looking at a cricket glossary, probably no concept is more important than the wicket. Currently, is your best bookmaker online, and lots of outcomes from different cricket matches can be found.

When speaking about wickets, it is essential to have a little bit of context in order to understand exactly what is being mentioned. This is because this concept can have many different uses. Some different examples where this concept can be used include:

  • it may refer to the three stumps located at either end of the cricket pitch, which also have the bails over them;
  • it also might be used to speak about the moment when a batsman is dismissed, in this case the phrase “taking of a wicket” is used;
  • on a few occasions, the word wicket can also be used to speak about the entire cricket pitch.

Right now, the 1xBet online bookmaker is your best website of this kind where you can encounter lots of wagering options. Out of the three aforementioned instances, the most frequently used is the one that refers to the stumps and bails.

The stumps and bails

As it happens with most things related to cricket, the physical wickets are clearly defined in the Laws of the game. The website can be used to wager on everything related to the cricket wickets.

Specifically, Law 8 of the game describes the wickets as a set of three wooden stumps. These stumps are basically vertical sticks that are approximately 71 centimeters tall which are parallel to each other. They are located at the extremes of the pitch, and on the top, they hold the two bails in place. The 1xBet website can be used for wagering whenever a cricket game takes place.

The idea is to try to hit the stumps to make the bails fall. It is also possible to hit the bails themselves. It is the batter’s work to prevent this from happening.

Winning by wickets

When looking at the results of cricket matches, it is possible to see that some teams win by runs and others by wickets. Punters can make profitable kabaddi betting – 1xBet also features kabaddi and cricket sections, where wagers on them are available.

In a cricket innings, each team has ten batsmen. They need to avoid having all of them dismissed. On some occasions, it might happen that a squad manages to score all the runs they need to win a match before all their batters are dismissed. For example, if by the time a team scores the necessary runs with only two batters dismissed, it is said they won by eight wickets. This is because they still had eight batters available at the time when those runs were scored. The 1xBet website allows its members to make profitable kabaddi and cricket betting on teams who win matches by wickets.

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