What Is Ductless AC? Some Crucial Facts About It

A ductless air-conditioning system is a heating and cooling system that can control temperatures in your home without needing any sort of ductwork.

An outdoor air pump and an air handling system are the major parts of a ductless air-conditioning system. These can easily be installed in your home with the help of any AC service near you.

How do Ductless AC systems work?

The working system of a traditional heat pump resembles the active system of a ductless air-conditioning system. Warm air in your home is passed over to evaporator coils filled with refrigerants. Heat is absorbed by the refrigerant and passed through the outdoor unit into your house. This is how it does the work of air-conditioning in the summer months.

The working of a ductless air-conditioning system is the opposite in the winter months. The outdoor unit absorbs the heat from the outside unit. This air then passes through the refrigerant and the air handler into your home, making it warm and cozy.

The heat transfer system makes the ductless air-conditioning system such a success. If you’re in Mumbai and looking for installing a ductless AC in your home, contact any AC service in  Mumbai.

How Are Ductless AC Systems Installed?

Conventional systems can take up long hours of servicing to be installed into your home. This delay is not faced in the case of a ductless air-conditioning system. A small hole is drilled into the desired area for an outlet. The air handler is connected to the outdoor unit through this outlet.

The air handler is fixed inside your house, in the desired place. After the outdoor unit is mounted, the hole is covered. The indoor and outdoor units are connected by a power cable, a refrigerant line, and a condensate drain. After these easy set-ups by an AC service near you, your ductless AC is ready for use.

What Is Zoned Heating Or Cooling?

Zone heating is only provided in ductless air-conditioning systems and not in traditional air-conditioning systems. This means that the heating or cooling of each room in your house can be controlled separately, instead of the temperature of your entire home being in the same setting. Every family member can set the temperature requirements according to their preferences and comfort.

An air handler can be installed in each room for heating or cooling by an AC service near you. Zoned heating and cooling is advantageous for both individual comforts as well as saving energy costs. In the areas of your house where you don’t require heating or cooling very frequently, you can avoid getting an air handler installed and thus, save costs. This option is not available with a central AC system. Read More About: AntMovies

How Much Is The Installation Cost Of A Ductless AC System?

The installation cost that an AC service near you may charge you depends on some factors. The cost of an outdoor unit depends on the model you select for your home. The unit’s efficiency can also determine the price of an outdoor unit. Greater efficiency of units will lead to more significant costs.

The number of indoor units that are needed for your home also affects the cost of installation. If you need more air handlers for your home, an AC service near you can charge more for installation. Also, the level of ease to install your AC unit affects your final total.

How Long Does A Ductless AC System Last?

The lifespan of your ductless AC system depends on usability, maintenance requirements, and ongoing repairs. Any AC service in Mumbai can provide the required repairs for your home in Mumbai. The lifespan of a ductless AC system is 20 years, which is similar to that of a traditional AC system.

What Are The Significant Advantages Of A Ductless AC System?

The major advantage of a ductless AC system is that it eliminates the need for ductwork for heating or cooling or your home. Any AC service provider in Mumbai can easily install it. Eliminating ductwork reduces your costs. Ductless AC systems are more efficient than central AC systems. Energy loss associated with ductless air-conditioners is much low, and thus, your energy bills are also low. Central AC systems create more noise which disrupts the quiet and calm of your home. You do not have to worry about this with a ductless AC system.


Depending upon the benefits of a ductless AC system, small budget, and more convenience, ductless AC systems are the best choice for your home. If you live in Mumbai, AC service in Mumbai can easily install a ductless AC system in your home. With the availability of 24-hour services and at the ease of online and phone bookings, get a ductless AC installed in your home now!

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