What Is Artificial Intelligence Capable and What Is Its Potential

AI algorithms are already surpassing human capabilities in many areas where data processing is concerned. They are able to take on “creative” functions. Also, the correct use of AI allows you to take care of users from various service industries. This technology is already used in games, live casinos, analytics platforms and medicine.

Three types of artificial intelligence

Today, scientists define artificial intelligence as an algorithm capable with self-learning to achieve human goals. Machine learning systems have automated processes in all vital areas, including banking, retail, medicine and security industry.

There are three types of artificial intelligence: weak (Narrow AI), strong (AGI) and super-AI (Super AI).

The first type is used everywhere, including voice assistants, social media advertising, face recognition, searching for romantic partners in applications and so on. These weak AI systems are the only ones available today, but even they are very useful. For example, in live casino games, they check the visitor’s behavior and react if some dangerous factors appear. Their use prevents the development of addiction. Also, AI allows selecting games due to the preferences of each individual user.

Strong AI is close to the abilities of human intelligence and endowed with a self-awareness. According to experts, AGI would be formed around 2075, and after another 30 years, the time will come for Super AI.

Super AI could not only become like humans, but also surpass the best minds of mankind in all areas.

What is artificial intelligence capable of now

Anyone who uses automatic translators can appreciate the dynamics. Five years ago, an online translator coped with individual sets of phrases and sentences, while today the program translates large semantic blocks. Neural networks take into account the context, operate with huge arrays of statistical data and so on. Now you can read the translation of the article in Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, without knowing the language.

AI has been used in the financial sector to assess the solvency of a borrower. If a loan was denied for you at the first stage, it was artificial intelligence that had weeded you out. In the United States, AI is used in the judicial system to assess the length of prison sentences for defendants.

Many financial websites, including gaming platforms and live online casinos, use AI to detect fraudsters. There are already algorithms that monitor for behavioral factors, so it is possible to identify intruders at an early stage.

Algorithms help doctors make diagnoses. For example, a neural network analyzes a patient’s voice, breathing, and coughing to determine the likelihood of coronavirus infection. There is an online service that determines the localization and degree of lung damage. It diagnoses viral pneumonia, including COVID-19, using computed tomography images. Also, with the AI service, it is possible to detect oncological diseases at an early stage. The chest analysis (CT) can help doctors in diagnosing and so on.

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