What is a Heavy Bag & Why is it so Useful?

The Best muay thai heavy bag is a punching bag that is usually hung from the ceiling. You can fill it with sand, sawdust, old clothing or water to give the level of resistance and weight you prefer. Punching bags are used by martial artists of many different disciplines. Boxers use short heavy bags to practice their punches while Muay Thai fighters prefer a longer style of heavy bag. This gives them space to practice both their arm and leg strikes.

Training with a heavy bag provides many benefits for the users. It helps to improve hand-eye coordination, endurance, balance, and stamina. It also helps people to develop their punching technique and footwork. You can safely practice realistic combinations before trying them out in the ring.

Which Brand is the Best for Thai Boxing?

Heavy bags are an important part of any Thai boxer’s training regimen. They help develop power, stamina, and endurance. They also improve technique and accuracy by forcing the user to work on all of their striking. Muay Thai fighters can practice strikes from all of their 8 limbs – punches, elbows, knees, and kicks!

Fairtex is a world renowned Thai manufacturer that specializes in Muay Thai equipment. They have a variety of heavy bags to suit the different needs of Thai boxers. The most popular styles include the Fairtex HB6 Banana Bag and HB10 Bowling Bag models

How to Choose the Right Shape of Boxing Bag?

Fairtex 6-foot Muay Thai Banana Bag (HB6) – This Fairtex design is famous for its total body workout. The HB6 heavy bag can help train all kinds of strikes which is perfect for a full contact fighter like yourself. While it’s versatility makes it suitable for all disciplines of martial arts, this style of punching bag is very popular with Thai boxers. Fairtex’s HB6 Banana Bag can be found in top Muay Thai and Kickboxing gyms worldwide.

Fairtex Bowling Bag (HB10) – its curved bottleneck shape makes it an excellent training tool, because the bottleneck design realistically resembles an opponent’s neck. It’s curved shape puts you in optimal positioning for knee strikes. It’s general size supports punching, kicking and elbow drills. It is perfect for training low kicks and neck kicks. Compared to other tear drop shape punching bags, the straps on bowling bag are positioned higher up to give you the most training space.

A great website to buy both of these Fairtex heavy bags is Nak Muay Wholesale. They ship directly from Thailand, so you know you’re getting authentic products, and their prices are fantastic. They sell the Fairtex Banana Bag for only $132USD and the Fairtex Bowling Bag for only $120USD.

To Sum Things Up:

In conclusion, heavy bags are one of the best investments for your training. The best boxing bags for Muay Thai training are the longer style, like the Banana and Bowling bags from Fairtex. The added space at the bottom of the bag allows you to effectively practice leg kicks. Muay Thai heavy bags provide many benefits for all levels of fighters and can be used in a variety of ways.

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