What is a gantry crane used for

Gantry crane, also known as weihua gantry crane, is a common lifting equipment. It is mainly composed of gantry, main beam, left and right hanging beams and driving mechanism.

What is a gantry crane?

The working principle of the gantry crane is to use the driving mechanism on the main beam to drive the slings on the left and right hanging beams to move forward and backward. When the sling is moved to the position of the material, the material can be lifted.

Gantry cranes have the advantage of being free to move, making them ideal for situations where height and location are not fixed. In addition, it has the ability to work independently and can operate without relying on external energy sources.

Gantry cranes are widely used in shipping, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, construction, logistics and other fields, and are an efficient and convenient way of material handling.

Features of Gantry Crane:

Gantry crane is a common industrial equipment, and its main feature is a bridge-type frame for hoisting heavy objects. The gantry crane has many advantages, first of all, it has a unique structure, which can be installed and used in a limited space.

In addition, gantry cranes are highly efficient and reliable. Compared with traditional overhead cranes, its working efficiency is much higher. In addition, gantry cranes can also adapt to a variety of different working conditions and environmental conditions.

In conclusion, the gantry crane is a very good industrial equipment with many advantages. If you need a crane for your industrial needs, a gantry crane is a good choice.

Application scope of gantry crane:

Gantry crane is a special kind of crane, which is mainly used for handling large or special shaped objects. It usually consists of two or more vertical columns with a cross bar on which one or more cranes are mounted. Gantry cranes have large lifting capacity and high efficiency, and are commonly used equipment in factories, warehouses, ships and other enterprises.

Gantry cranes have a wide range of applications and can be used in factories, warehouses, ships, docks, logistics centers and other places. In factories, gantry cranes can be used for material handling on production lines or for stevedores. In warehouses, gantry cranes can be used to sort and store materials, and can also be used to load and unload trucks. In ships, gantry cranes can be used for loading and unloading containers, as well as for hoisting large objects. In logistics centers, gantry cranes can move large objects back and forth more efficiently.

How to operate a gantry crane?

Gantry crane is a very commonly used material handling equipment, its main role is to transport materials from one place to another. So how can we operate the gantry crane correctly?

First of all, it is necessary to understand the function of each part of the gantry crane. The main components of the gantry crane include the main beam, sub-beam, boom, support, pallet, drive device and electrical control system. The main beam and sub-beam are the main structure of the whole machine; the boom drives the pallet to rise or fall through the driving device; the support is the foundation of the whole machine and bears the load of the boom and the pallet; the pallet is used to transport the materials to the destination Tools; the drive device makes the boom rise or fall; the electrical control system controls the whole machine automatically or semi-automatically.

Proper use of a gantry crane requires an understanding of its basic principles. Gantry cranes transport materials from one place to another by means of booms.

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