What Determines the Price of an Electric Meat Mincer

Successfully making cured meat, bacon, or sausages, requires very special equipment called meat grinders. They are machines that break the meat into smaller pieces. Power, volume, and size determine the electric mincers’ price in Kenya. Here is a buying guide for your meat mincer purchase decision.

Successfully making cured meat, bacon, or sausages, requires very special equipment and tools collectively called meat grinders. They are specialized machines that break the meat into smaller pieces. The meat grinder forces the beef through a plate containing several holes. In Kenya, several factors such as the power, volume, size, and construction differentiate the meat grinders.


The quantity and quality of meat you would be grinding should determine what kind of electric meat mincers to buy. Restaurant kitchens typically grind meat in large amounts for customers, whereas home kitchens use fewer quantities of meat. Hence, when looking for a grinder, look for equipment that can hold the output of meat you desire to use. Here is a buying guide for your meat mincer purchase decision.

  • Compartments: Electric meat mincers use several nozzles sold separately or supplied with the equipment. However, some nozzles, juicers and graters, require separate slots because they may not fit into the compartment. Therefore, different rooms solve this problem.
  • Reversal: Practically, all-electric meat miners come with the reverse function, which provides a screw rotation in the reverse direction. The meat has connective tissue, including the tendons and pleura. The powerful engine that uses the reverse function and the knife easily grinds them.
  • Miscellaneous: Modern electric meat mincers come with a sausage function, which is realized with a cone. The diameter of the cone affects the size and shape of the sausages. Also, the upper and middle price grinders come with the juice-maker. Such models function similarly to a traditional auger juicer and are equipped with a conical-shaped plastic screw. These various features are a decisive factor in electric meat mincer price in Kenya.
  • Knife: The knife’s cutting edge faces the laser processing, leaving the notching with reflow on the metal, after which it is tempered. Such treatment provides uneven metal hardness on the knife and a set of micro teeth, increasing the cutting efficiency. Such operations of the blades sharpen the knife on their own.
  • Plate: Meat grinders are equipped with a steel plate that is thick and round. This plate has several holes and fits onto the body. The function of the container is to hold the worm as it rotates so that it remains in position. The coarseness or fineness of the ground meat would depend on the holes’ size on the plate.


Electric meat grinders are sold at different prices, and these are based on the factors mentioned above. If access to power or budget is not your concern, you should be focusing your research on electric grinders. You will soon find that they are the right equipment for a quality job. Determine your input followed by the desired quantity of the final product you want to achieve.

Final word

As you decide on the type of meat mincer, give yourself some time. The mincers are available in all sizes and shapes, determined by your desired volume. However, research the different features that would affect the costs. Only then, decide on the grinder. Finally, never compromise on quality.

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