What Are the Top Qualities of the Best Car Rental Company?

The car rental companies are one of the most important and rapidly blooming industries in the world. With a large number of people planning vacations, the demand for car hires has increased.

Whether it is a solo trip or the one with family or friends, renting a car has become a need for daily commute and to explore the city around.

Choosing the top rental company becomes crucial for the process to be hassle-free and the cars to be affordable. It becomes mandatory to check out the pros and cons of the car rental company you plan to hire your car from.

In Dubai, commuting via your car helps you to explore the city better. Though Dubai is well connected with the public transport system, it is not accessible in all the tourist destinations. Taxis and cabs are also not a convenient option when wanting to drive around at your own pace and freedom.

Buying a car becomes an option for the residents, but the cost of a good brand will put you into years of its downpayment and its maintenance. Not only this, every year new models come and you would not be able to have access to those. So, renting a car is the best option to drive across the emirate.

You would definitely want the process to be hassle-free and convenient. Therefore, it becomes crucial to choose the right car rental company that offers you several benefits. App-based car rental marketplace like One Click Drive give an easy way of scrolling and selecting the car of your choice through the rental app.

However, before renting a car make sure that the car rental company fulfills your requirements, suits your budget, and has a vivid description of everything on the document. As a customer, before renting a car, make sure that you go through the documents properly before giving an approval.

The top qualities to look for in car rental company are:

1. App-based car rental company

An app-based car rental company allows easy access and booking of the car of your choice. You can easily scroll and select your cars either from the comprehensive website or through the app that has multiple features, simply by sitting at home.

For someone planning a trip to Dubai, they can easily book their cars beforehand and even get the car at the airport at the time of their arrival. The rental app provides a seamless and optimal view of the images. Not only this, renting becomes a more easy and hassle-free process.

2. Discounts and other offers

A good car rental company will always offer you great deals and discounts on car hires that are beneficial for its customers. One Click Drive is a car rental marketplace that offers huge deals and discounts from daily to monthly car rentals.

You can always find amazing deals and offers on their website, especially on occasions such as Eid, Christmas and so on. This is a key aspect to attract the customers to hire cars and enjoy luxury at affordable prices.

Discounts and offers also make luxury and other exotic cars affordable for the customers. This helps in building trusted and long-term relationships with the customers.

3. Cheap and affordable prices

Having high rates of the cars is never going to attract the customers to rent a car. Every customer looks for their budget before deciding which car they want to rent.

It thus becomes crucial for the customers to look out for this crucial factor and compare and analyze the price of the car hires of different car rental companies.

Customers should also check for any other hidden charges or insurance money not included in the hiring amount.

One Click Drive is a platform that offers you cheap and affordable cars to meet the budget of their customers. It does not have any hidden charges and has the insurance money included in the rental fees itself. There are also huge discounts on monthly car rentals however a deposit may be required at the time of rental.

4. The process of booking

A good car rental company will always provide all the relevant information for the customers on their website. Everything from brand name, model type, pricing, deposit amount, and delivery service is mentioned on the website. Having all the necessary information on the website makes it easier for the customers to make a choice.

The process of booking should be hassle-free and customers should be easily able to book their cars. You should be able to schedule the delivery at your desired location and get going.

5. A wide variety of cars to choose from

A good car rental company should not have the expensive models but should even have economical cars to suit the needs of their customers. Different customers look for different types of cars. Some may need economy cars while others may look for luxury cars. So having a range of car types and pricing helps to accommodate the needs of every customer according to their budget.

At One Click Drive, you can find different types of brands and models from which you can easily choose what you like.  Some of the popular car brands include Rolls Royce, Maserati, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mistsubishi, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Nissan, and Land Rover.

6. Well-maintained cars

Customers should make sure that their cars are properly sanitized, well-maintained and safe to drive beforehand. If you want to keep out of trouble, make sure that you receive the car in good condition and while renting check every part and also check for the scratches. If you happen to find any, report them immediately. The best is to make a video while renting the car. Having a video will protect you from any potential scams in the future.

Not only this, customers should also check the valid insurance documents before renting to make sure that the car is fit to be driven on the roads of the emirates.

7. The payment procedure should be smooth

One Click Drive also offers a streamlined platform for their customers however the payment process is between the user and the car rental company. Most companies offer online payment as well as credit card POS machines at the time of delivery.

It’s wise to keep an eye out during the payment process and not agree to any additional fees.

8. No commission or markups

A good car rental company should not charge any extra fees other than the applicable tax. Everything should be included in the rental fees. As against other car rental marketplaces, One Click Drive does not charge any agent commission or booking fees to the user. All prices are all-inclusive of rental amount, standard insurance and standard mileage.

9. Pick-up and delivery service

If you are a tourist and you have made a pre-booking of your car hire, then a good car rental  company will make sure that your car reaches on time at the destination of your choice, be it the airport or the hotel. The top companies act quickly and will be on-time with their service. These services ensure customers’ satisfaction by catering to their needs.

One Click Drive is your portal to find such services however the delivery and pickup process are handled by the selected car rental company and chauffeur service company. The latter is for those customers who need a car with a driver. However, you can always consider renting a car and driving through the beautiful country!

10. Terms and conditions

A good car rental company has their terms and conditions clearly stated before renting a car. Everything should be mentioned whether about the age limit, driving license, insurance money, refund process, cancellation policy, etc.

Most important: Please make sure to retain a copy of the signed contract/document and check the name of the car rental company.

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