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The morning weather is quite pleasant. It was 7 o’clock when I left Kolapur and started our journey towards Goa. 

This time, I’m in the rear seat after losing the front seat due to a disagreement.

After going a little beyond the city, the mountain could be seen. The color of the soil on both sides of the road is quite red. 

Vikram, our driver, pointed to a massive hill in the distance and remarked that as soon as we pass the foot of that hill, we will enter Goa.

After a while the road to the hilly forest began. I now realize how right it was to decide not to travel on this road at night. 

No, not exactly fear, but I would be deprived of witnessing the breathtaking natural beauty! 

A pure black pitch road through the deep green forest, with many monkeys wandering the streets and environs.

Small streams of water fall down the mountainside in certain spots. While in another part of the jungle, the early sun shines through the cracks in the trees.

However, I saw a specialty of this forest, most of the big mango trees along the road, is not usually seen in all the forests. 

All road marker reflector tags are attached to each tree and head to facilitate night traffic. Really great! Going to Goa bu road is such an experience!!! In order to make your travel safe, affordable and comfortable, we recommend you to use zingbus – bus ticket booking service  for the best travel experience.

The jungle is now becoming a little thinner. There is a temple on the side of the road, and a shop next to it. 

A Small Break In Between

Everyone is feeling the effects of hunger. In the morning there was no tiffin except a little tea biscuit. 

As a result, we paused to eat something while admiring the stunning view from behind the temple.

After that we again left for Goa.

My mobile navigation location indicates that I have reached Goa, and the natural beauty of the surrounds confirms this.

On both sides of the road, rows of coconut palms welcome us.

The beautiful rustic environment, the neat and tidy streets, the foreign tourists on the streets, the Portuguese architectural monuments nearby, the whitewashed shrines on the side of the road, and the presence of salt in the air – all indicate that our final destination is near.

It was almost 12 p.m. when we arrived to Goa Beach Side. After that, we proceeded to our hotel, NSN God’s Gift Guest House (north Goa).It is very close to Beach, on Main Road. 

The AC rooms are spacious, with views of the Arabian Sea stretching across the horizon from the two-story balcony in front. 

The Goa Beach

The Sea Beach is also only a few feet away. And the hotel also has its own parking lot just in front of it. 

I assumed that getting a sea-facing hotel in Goa would be tough. However, because we booked through NSNHotels website, we are able to select our preferred hotel to stay at.

Everyone dashed to the sea bath as soon as we unloaded the bags.

At first Goa was not on our tour plan. I have been planning to visit Maharashtra for a decade, at Nasik’s grandfather’s house. 

But, with the exception of a few slots at my request, Goa was only registered for three days.

Also, I had a nagging urge to see a famous waterfall in Goa called Dudh Sagar Falls, which I planned while sitting in the car.

It was about 6 o’clock when I got up for lunch at the end of the bathing session, but it was quite late. 

Because we are at the far western point of India, the day is a little longer here.

The Beautiful Sun Set

And as the sun sets, twilight arrives, the gorgeous beach town on the Arabian Sea’s coastline slowly awakens.

We now have a reservation at Goa’s Beach Restaurant.

Dining tables are set up in front of each restaurant, along with colourful couches and umbrellas. 

Each restaurant has its own dancing stage with an expensive foreign DJ sound system.

On the dance floor, colourful lighting has begun to complement the soothing DJ music. However, if you want to dance on this floor, you must first get some food from the restaurant.

Looking a bit deeper, I was glad to see two security staff on the dance floor, ensuring that no unpleasant incident occurred.

Surprisingly, there are so many hi-fi sound systems going on all around, yet everyone’s sound is playing within a specific limit, in a lovely quality that does not disturb the ears.

The night is growing darker, and the magnificent beach city on the Arabian Sea’s shores is now inebriated in its own way. It was nothing short of a magical experience.

Last Moments For the Day In Goa

After that, we all returned to respective hotels, NSN God’s Gift Guest House (north Goa). It was almost late, and everyone was exhausted.

As a result, we all went to bed as quickly as possible.

You can also book this hotel if you like, or you can browse the list of NSHOTELS best hotels in Goa to find one that suits your needs.

I have written another blog on Goa. You can check out that if you wish to know about my experience on it.

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