Ultimate Guide to Desert Safari in Dubai

Planning to take a Desert Safari in Dubai? Here are some tips to help you choose the best option! Read on to find out more about the cost and activities included in the trip! Listed below are the top reasons to go on a Desert Safari in Dubai. Read on to find out how you can plan a memorable trip to Dubai’s desert. If you are looking for an exciting, memorable way to spend a day, a Desert Safari Dubai is for you!

Price of a desert safari in Dubai

The price of a desert safari in Dubai can start at 100 AED per adult, but can range greatly depending on how many people will be joining the tour. A six to seven-hour desert safari will cost as little as 350 AED per person and can be arranged through an online booking service. Prices are listed for both the morning and evening safaris, and optional activities are offered for an additional cost.

Prices for the different types of desert safaris vary, and you can choose to do a two-hour package that includes dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, and dinner. Alternatively, you can book a six-hour package that will include a lot of desert activities and can cost up to AED 280. You can also do a two-hour safari in the morning or evening, but the evening safari will likely be cheaper.

The price of a desert safari in Dubai depends on the activities you choose and the time of year you take it. Prices are usually cheaper on weekdays and during lean seasons. Check out multiple tourism companies for discounts and deals. If you can, take a trip on a weekday or on a weekend. Most companies offer deals, so take advantage of that. You’ll be glad you did! There are plenty of ways to save money on a desert safari in Dubai.

Activities included in a desert safari in Dubai

During a desert safari, the activities usually include a camel ride, dune-bashing, and an evening BBQ dinner. The activities are not limited to the desert. There are also traditional shows and henna art. After dinner, you will be treated to a show by a whirling dervish. This is one of the most memorable experiences you can have in Dubai.

During the day, you will be able to visit various sites in the Dubai desert. Some tours include a Bedouin camp experience. You will be able to see the desert from an authentic Bedouin tent, and you can even get your face henna painted. You can also try Arabic coffee and shisha. You will also be treated to a traditional performance by an Arabian belly dancer.

The Heritage safari collection also includes a wildlife drive. Here, you will get to see rare species and gaff tree forests. Aside from the wildlife, you can enjoy Arabic coffee and fresh dates. Your guide will be able to answer all of your questions about the Dubai desert safari  and its wildlife. You will be able to enjoy a memorable experience with your family. The activities included in a desert safari in Dubai are numerous.

Cost of a desert safari in Abu Dhabi

The cost of a desert safari in Abu Dhabi is relatively affordable – you can expect to pay anywhere from AED 250 to AED 350 per person. Prices vary according to the quality of the safari, the number of people in your group, and the activities you want to do. You can find reliable operators in the city, such as Emirates Tours and Safaris, which provide excellent value for money. For the most part, a desert safari in Abu Dhabi is a must-do experience if you’re in the UAE.

The cost of a desert safari in Abu Dhabi varies widely, and can range from 125 AED per person to over a thousand AED. The amount you spend will depend on the activities you choose, the length of your trip, and the type of transportation you take. Some desert safaris include nothing more than camel riding or a 4×4 safari. The cost of this experience can be considerably lower than that of premium safaris, but you should be prepared to wait for a buffet and take in the scenery.

A desert safari in Abu Dhabi includes camel rides, dune bashing, sandboarding, and falcon watching. You can also enjoy a Bedouin-style desert camp, which offers cultural experiences like falcon taming and henna painting. Some even feature a belly dance performance or a tanoura artist. For those who would prefer a more private experience, a private desert safari is the way to go.

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