Types Of Evidence Required For Your Car Accident Settlement. 

A car accident can be a devastating event. The physical, psychological, and economic losses it leads to can impact your entire life. If another driver’s negligent behavior has caused you to suffer damages, you are eligible to receive compensation. 

Evidence plays a vital role in obtaining the compensation you deserve by helping determine the liable party and the extent of the damages. A car accident attorney in Stockton reviews your case and enables you to gather the necessary evidence. 

What evidence should you collect?

  • Photos, videos, and footage. 

It is always suggested to take pictures and videos of the accident scene, your injuries, and your damaged vehicle after an accident. If there were any nearby surveillance cameras, a copy of the footage from the incident should be collected by your lawyer. These can help understand how the accident occurred and are analyzed to determine the party that breached the duty of care they owed.

  • Police report. 

After the accident occurs, a report is filed with the local law enforcement services. It consists of details about the accident written from an objective and experienced perspective. It provides a lot of information about the occurrence of the accident and can influence the decision determining the party liable for the accident. 

  • Witnesses. 

Witnesses refer to the bystanders or people nearby that saw the accident happen. You should collect their names and contact information after your accident. Their testimonies help clarify who was responsible for the accident. 

  • Medical documentation. 

Seeking medical care immediately after an accident is essential. Your lawyer helps you gather and organize medical documentation pertinent to your injuries, such as medical tests, treatment procedures, and other rehabilitative therapies. This helps prove the extent of your injuries and your medical expenses for compensation. 

  • Expert witnesses. 

Your lawyer has access to resources that can benefit your case, such as expert witnesses. These witnesses can help in ways such as reconstructing your accident scene, analyzing the vehicle debris and damage to determine fault and understanding the impact of your injuries on your future capabilities. 

  • Payment stubs. 

Injuries may affect your ability to work, because of which you may be unable to earn your livelihood for a specific period. Collecting employment documents, payment stubs, and other relevant information can help you claim lost income and job benefits. 

The presence of sufficient evidence strengthens the credibility of your case, and a lawyer is aware of this. They understand that these losses may affect your financial security and stability if your compensation is insufficient. They help you gather the maximum evidence possible after a careful investigation to ensure that the settlement ends in your favor.

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