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Even though skydiving centers provide comprehensive information on requirements, it is beneficial to be aware of a few things beforehand.

Skydiving is one of the world’s most popular action sports, combining the adrenaline rush of flying at great altitudes with breathtaking views of nature and towns. While free-falling from the sky may appear terrifying at first, skydiving is a fun and safe activity for explorers of all ages.

For first-timers, tandem skydiving is indeed the way to go once they’ve conquered their fear. In this, you’ll be securely attached to a professional instructor and he/she will be doing the majority of the work; no prior experience is required. There are beautiful places all over the world where you may go skydiving for a cheap price and have an unforgettable experience.

What skydiving equipment to pick

Before skydiving, it’s generally a good idea to equip yourself with the gear you’ll be wearing. Although most of the equipment will be provided by skydiving centers, it is not a terrible idea to bring your own cool skydiving helmet.

It’s important to wear protective headgear, and you will need a decent skydiving helmet to keep your head protected. The helmet should be made of high-quality materials & built to give you the finest experience possible. If you’re searching for the best skydiving helmets, you won’t have to look far because we’ve already done the legwork for you.

Best Full-Face Skydiving Helmets:

1. KISS Skydiving Helmet by Square One

Square One introduces the KISS helmet, a full-face helmet that combines creativity & precision engineering. This helmet is a multi-discipline, high-performance helmet that is state-of-the-art. A 2-millimeter-thick polycarbonate glass with panoramic visibility, full mouth exposure, and Square One’s revolutionary anti-fog ventilation system are all included in the KISS. This innovative vent system will significantly decrease fogging across all conditions, whether you’re belly-to-the-earth or head-down.

The innovative Quick-Tight Latch Closure System on the KISS utilizes 2 levers to loosen or tighten the helmet on the head of the user. Simply close the levers before exiting, and your helmet is safe!

2. TFX Full Face Helmet by Tonfly

This is Tonfly’s next-generation helmet, designed specifically for high-speed flight. Tonfly’s TFX is the company’s first full-face helmet, the culmination of extensive research & development. Even at high speeds, it was designed to have the best fit & durability possible.

The primary motivation for constructing a modular helmet with a flip chin is to be able to fit into it; else, it would be impossible. It is possible to wear the helmet with only the visor open once it is on.

The TFX’s modular lining system allows for the most precise fit and blends ultimate comfort with excellent stability, providing true coverage from the base of the head up. The antiallergic elements used in the TFX lining are of the highest grade. The liner may be removed and washed.

3. Phantom XV by Square One

The new Phantom XV helmet reduces or eliminates lens fogging!

This full-face helmet has all of the same impressive features as the Phantom X, and it has an anti-fog ventilation system that lets a tiny stream of air inside the helmet and distributes it around the inside lens’ surface. In most settings, this constant airflow will considerably decrease and actually reduce most fogging concerns.

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