Top 7 Places to Visit on Kullu Manali Tour

Kullu Manali is the two most popular hill stations as well as the holiest place in Himachal Pradesh. These two places are like best friends, where the one alone is not sufficient. This is why the Kullu Manali tour is prepared in the same tour package. A similar package which is selected together is Shimla Manali tour packages. But here we will talk about the Kullu Manali tour. So, let us first list out the best places to visit on Kullu Manali Tour.

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Great Himalayan National Park

Manali’s Great Himalayan National Park is a natural biodiversity century for bird watching and scenic sightseeing. This Park was started in the year 1984 and is also listed in the UNESCO sites. The park has different kinds of animal species that include major 181 species of birds, 3 reptiles, 17 mollusks, 375 floral species, and 31 mammal species. Apart from these numerous species, you can also find many others too. The place majorly features four valleys situated here which are

the Sainj Valley, Parvati Valley, Tirthan Valley, and Jiwa Nal Valley. The most attractive animals which are rarely seen in this park include Himalayan Brown Bear, Snow Leopard, Blue sheep, musk deer, etc. The overall view of this national park is spectacular. Hence, this place must be visited by the wildlife lover in their Kullu Manali Tour.

Raghunath Temple

Manali is referred to as the valley of the Gods. So while visiting the valley of god, how can you ever miss the place of God. This means being at Kullu Manali, you must visit this giant temple known as the Raghunath Temple. This is also counted in the list of the oldest temple in Kullu. This tourist destination is very popular among the tourist who comes for the Kullu Manali trip. In this temple, you will find the statue of Lord Ram and along with that the architecture built by the Raja Jagat Singh. The temple is a perfect place to witness the ancient beauty of the seventeenth century. During the time of Dussehra, a great number of devotees and followers visit the temple for the celebration. And a lot of tourists visit during that time to witness this great festival.

Bijli Mahadev Temple

The next place to visit in the valley of the god is the astonishing temple of Lord Shiva, Bijli Mahadev temple. This temple is very famous from the perspective of religious belief. The famous story behind this temple is that here the lord shiva had consumed all the extra electric energy from the air to save the humans. You can also observe the architectural beauty in the temple present in the form of carvings in the doors and the walls. You can also witness the statues in the gate of the temple which are of two bulls. Local people organize a yearly fair in this temple which is again entertaining.

Friendship Peak

When you climb the top of the Pir Panjal range, you will witness the beautiful unique snowy peaks from there. All these peaks together are called the Friendship Peak. You can easily access the location of this place. And trekking is the most popular thing over here which is not that difficult. While your visit to the friendship peak, you can also witness the great Beas Kund and also the beautiful Beas river. This tourist spot will be the best spot to visit with your best friend.

Chanderkhani Pass

The valley of Gods, Kullu is full of religious places and one among them is the great Chanderkhani Pass. This Hindu holy site is known as the seat of the Saptrishi Jamadagni. The greenery spread all over this valley depicts the natural beauty that this place poses. The people who adore the natural beauty will love to spend time here. This pass also gives you the view of beautiful places such as Deo Tibba, Pir Panjal peaks, and the Parvati peak. Since this is a crowd-less place and the least polluted part of the city. So, you can easily spend a peaceful time relaxing on the big grounds over here.

Pandoh Dam

Pandoh Dam is built on the River Beas. This dam resists the flow of the river Beas. The moment when the water is released from the dam is a must-watching moment. You will love the way the water flows in the lower Beas. Pandoh is also a river rafting point and you can spend quality moments here with your family and friends.


Manikaran is a religious site that is a prominent place to worship for both the Sikhs and the Hindus. This holy site is situated in the Parvati Valley. The gods who are worshipped over here are Guru Nanak Ji and Lord Shiva. You can visit both the Gurudwara and the Hindu temples of the Manikaran. Many tourists and the experienced people who have visited Maniaran describe the Hot water spring over here. They claim that the hot water spring over here have many curative powers and one can very quietly relax over there. So, altogether you can call this place a perfect destination to get all the fun, enjoyment, adventure, witness natural beauty, and also seek blessings from the holy places.


Hence, apart from these places, there are many more mesmerizing places here to visit. The other prominent places include Malana, Naggar, Hanogi Mata, Bhrigu temple, etc. Including these places in your itinerary will definitely enhance your tour to Kullu Manali.

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