Top 3 Universities for MBBS in the Philippines


The two components of the MBBS curriculum in the Philippines are the Bachelor of Surgery (B.S.) and the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), and the entire programme lasts six years. A one-year internship is also included in the degree programme. Students are typically assigned to various hospitals and medical facilities by the conclusion of the fifth year. In the Philippines, MBBS tuition costs between 3 to 24.9 lakhs per year. At the same time, the monthly cost of living is somewhere between Rs. 9999 and Rs. 14,999. Through hands-on training as a medical practitioner under the guidance of qualified medical practitioners and doctors, the course is intended to assist them in gaining practical experience.

One of the top choices for Indian students wishing to study MBBS abroad is now the Philippines. Compared to foreign courses, the MBBS admissions process is rather simple. Based on the NEET score, one may be admitted. Every year, about 8999 students from other nations, including the USA, UK, Germany, India, etc., study for an M.D. or B.S. in the Philippines.

Philippines universities adopt the educational model used in the U.S. Students who plan to take the USMLE exam will find this useful. Additionally, when considering applicants, the NEET score is taken into account.

MBBS in the Philippines is a very popular choice among Indian students who want to pursue MBBS abroad because of the great cross-cultural environment, lovely climate, and relatively affordable cost. You may apply for admission using your NEET score.

Top Universities for MBBS in the Philippines:

In the Philippines, accredited and government-recognized medical colleges governed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of the Philippines and certified by the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges are primarily responsible for providing and developing medical education.

Below are the top three universities for MBBS in the Philippines.

1) UV Gullas College of Medicine

In 1919, Dr Don Vicente Gullas officially opened and founded the University of the Visayas in the Philippine city of CEBU. Dr Gullas was known for introducing fresh ideas to the medical education sector. He also introduced the study-now-pay-later programme to help pupils. The Visayan Institute became the first University in the City of Cebu when it was granted university status in 1948. Later, it became known as The University of the Visayas (U.V.). The University had grown from 37 students when it was created to 20,000 students across its premises.

The University has continuously generated top board test scores throughout its 100-year history and recognized graduates who have excelled in their chosen professions.

Several colleges are linked with the University of the Visayas. One medical school connected to the University of the Visayas is the UV Gullas.

Detailed tuition and fee schedule for UV Gullas College of Medicine

Program Tuition Fees in USD UV Gullas College of Medicine Tuition Fee In PESO  PHP
Pre-Medicine Program (BS Biology)

For the first 3 Semesters and 1 Summer

USD 9,199 PHP 1,29,999

PHP 1,29,999

PHP 1,29,999

Doctor of Medicine (M.D) USD 4,299 PHP 2,14,999
USD 3,999 PHP 1,99,999
USD 3,999 PHP 1,99,999
USD 3,999 PHP 1,99,999
Total in PHP. PHP 12,04,999


2) Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine

A crucial component of EAC is the Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine. It was formally established in the year 2001. The foundation aims to give future doctors access to high-quality medical education—one of the few prestigious medical schools in the Philippines with accreditation from the leading medical associations worldwide. Big names in them are the National Medical Commission and WHO.


On both campuses, the institute has hospitals where students can receive instruction from qualified staff members. Emilio Aguinaldo College was first established in 1957. It is a private university that frequently accepts international students looking to study MBBS in the Philippines.

Fees for the Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine

Students must pay the expenses following the Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine Fee Structure listed below to study medicine at EACM Philippines. It is reasonably priced. The lowest tuition, hostel costs, and other significant costs for an MBBS are detailed in the chart below.

Fees for the Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine
PESO 4,74,999 2,69,999 2,69,999 2,69,999 2,69,999 15,54,999
INR 7,22,999 4,14,999 4,14,999 4,14,999 4,14,999 23,82,999


3) Davao Medical School Foundation

The first medical school in the Philippines on Mindanao Island was established in Davao City in 1976. The Davao Medical School Foundation Inc. Students pick this college because it offers world-class amenities for studying medicine in the Philippines. Candidates who want to attain an MBBS degree at Davao Medical School Foundation benefit from great clinical knowledge.

Davao Medical College Philippines has committed to fulfilling international students’ aspirations to study medicine overseas in a reputable Philippine medical school. At DMSF, our mission is to complement instruction, research, patient and community health care, and community participation by offering education and services focused on primary healthcare. Our main goal is to give back to the world healthcare professionals of the greatest level in every way.

MBBS Fee Structure – Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical College Philippines tuition for the 2022–2023 academic year. International students like the Philippines Medical College because it offers reasonably priced, high-quality instruction.

BS (1 year 8 Months) 11,500 USD 8,50,000 INR
MD1 5100 USD 3,50,000 INR
MD2 5100 USD 3,50,000 INR
MD3 5100 USD 3,50,000 INR
MD4 5100 USD 3,50,000 INR
Total 31,900 USD 22,50,000 INR


Admission Procedure for MBBS in the Philippines

  • Fill out the online application form.
  • You must submit scanned copies of your passport and other vital papers with the application.
  • Obtain the University’s letter of admission.
  • After receiving confirmation of your admission, the immigration process will start.
  • It would help if you went to the Philippine Embassy in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, or Kolkata after getting the invitation letter from the University, depending on your jurisdiction.
  • Your documents will be examined, appraised, and verified to apply for a visa.

Cost of Living in the Philippines

As each University has its expenses, the cost of MBBS education varies from University to University in the Philippines. Here are some approximate prices for studying medicine at universities in the Philippines. Depending on the University, the cost of an MBBS in the Philippines might be anywhere from 14 to 19 lakh rupees. Universities in prime locations charge more for the course. The typical cost of living and necessities might vary from place to city and student to student. The monthly expenses, which include mess and hostel fees and other charges, come to about 14,999 rupees. The whole price tag could fall at between 24 and 34 lakh rupees.

This accounts for around half of what it may cost to attend a private medical school in India.

Meals and lodging

Indian students can stay in hostels at most Philippine medical schools. It is not mandatory to stay in a hostel, but we advise students to do so because it ensures their safety and welfare. Some medical schools have dorms on the site, while others have them nearby. CCTV cameras will monitor the hostel, providing female guests with a secure convenience. Most of the best medical schools in the Philippines offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian food, depending on the student’s preferences.

Daily Cost

Compared to other countries, the Philippines has a low average cost for necessities like MBBS. Despite India’s need, the Philippines has 40% higher living costs than India. Restaurant and market prices are 1.75 per cent higher than in India. Transportation costs are allegedly far lower in the Philippines than in India, according to several Indian students studying MBBS there. Electronics cost three times as much as they do in India. Costs for clothing and shoes are reasonably accurate for India.


Asia’s top education systems are found in the Philippines, where you can study MBBS. For Indian students who want to learn entirely in English at a reasonable cost and receive a top-notch medical education, this is one of the best options. 90% of people in the Philippines are literate. It demonstrates that the country’s top priority is education.

The Philippines is the top location for international students seeking higher-level MD/MBBS studies. Similar to the USA, the Philippines has built a medical education system. Apply for MBBS admission in the Philippines for the academic year 2022–23.

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