Tips to edit videos and make it engaging for your viewers

Everyone loves watching videos. Be it a funny video or a cookery video – audiences love it all. The audiences love videos that are interactive and engaging. Video editing makes the video more interesting for the viewers, and there are many options available to edit the videos.

What Is Video Editing?

Video editing is adding effects to videos, which can be of many types: sound effects, light filters, background effects, animations, etc.; all these make the video enjoyable. There are many tools available online that allow you to edit the videos free of cost. Some might charge you a bit amount, but they will add to the creativity of your videos. 

Tips To Edit Videos to Make Them More Engaging

If you want to make your videos more engaging, you can take the help of these tips. These tips will help your videos to reach a large number of audiences. Lightworks, OpenShot, Shotcut, etc., are some of the best free online video editors. You can take the help of them to edit your videos. Here are some tips that can be helpful for you:

1. Choose suitable software: 

Though many video editing apps and software are available online, you need to find the one that best suits your needs. All the apps are best in themselves, each having its unique feature. But one needs to choose that tool which satisfies all the requirements and the mode of operation is also easy.

2. Learn keyboard shortcuts: 

There are shortcuts to cut copy paste anything on the computer the same way there are shortcuts for video editing. If you use a desktop for an editing job, learning keyboard shortcuts is helpful. It will make the editing task easy and will also save time.

3. Add captions using the editing tools: 

Once you post a video, the video can be viewed by many audiences from anywhere. To make everyone understand your video, you must use the editing tools and add captions to your videos. These captions should be in a common language like English, for example, so that most people can understand.

4. Maintain the quality of videos: 

Whenever someone watches a video, he wants a clear vision. The video editors should make the videos in good quality and high resolution. The video will not get blurred after this. Otherwise, the viewers will not like the video.

5. Keep an interactive tone: 

Videos are just like a mode of communication. Video creators must take note of this fact. The video should be interactive to engage the audience, so the audience’s attention is constant. If the tone of the video is just informative and entirely based on facts, then the viewer might get bored and turn off the video.

6. Don’t add too many effects: 

Editing always adds creativity to your video. But adding too many effects will destroy the originality of the video. It can take away the essence of the video. Use and do only that much editing that is required in the video. Avoid adding unnecessary editing in your video.

7. Focus on the audio quality: 

Videos are not just about visuals. A video without audio does not make any sense. Along with the video quality, maintain the audio quality as well. The audio should be clear and loud. If someone is watching the video and unable to hear the audio, then the video will be of no worth. Before making the final video edit, make sure that the video is appropriately audible.

8. Choose a secure software: 

Whichever software you choose, you need to be sure that it is safe. Before downloading or installing any software, you must go through its privacy policy and terms and conditions to avoid any issues in the future. Once installed into your system, the software has access to the storage and other items on your device. So, ensure that it is totally secure. 

9. Focus on the brightness of the video: 

In the editing apps, there are many tools and filters that one can use to set the video’s brightness. Brightness adds to the quality of the video. If the brightness is not proper, then it affects the visual quality of the video. So, it is necessary to work on the brightness of the video.

10. Use attractive visuals: 

If you make an animated video, especially for children, the images or background that affects your set must be eye-catching. More animation adds a realistic feel to the video. Animation is the best technique to target a kid’s audience.

11. Make videos in natural lighting: 

Although there is a feature to adjust the brightness of the videos. But still, it is advisable to use natural lighting for the videos. It gives a natural brightness to the videos.

12. Convey a story: 

If you want to engage your audiences, you must convey your content to them in the form of a story and include realistic examples. It will help you to relate more with the audience. The audiences will also find the video engaging and develop an interest in the video.

13. Use factual data: 

If you are making a promotional or informative video, you must add some data to your video. Or you can also give the links to data at the end of the video. It will help people know that the video is reliable and the information provided to them is authentic. The mode of marketing is highly essential and successful for a good website.


Today there are many platforms that you can use to post or promote your videos. Apart from YouTube, social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc., also provide an opportunity for its users to make and videos. Along with this, the video editing apps available are of great help to them, so they must also make use of them. In this case, all the tips mentioned above can prove to be very helpful for the video editors to get fruitful results. You must follow these tips to grow your social media channels, and they will help your viewers to engage with you. 

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