Tips on how to Fake GPS Location on your iPhone

Several applications that run on our mobile devices require access to the GPS location of the phone. This is to provide a location-specific user experience. This is why you may not be able to access some content because it is not available in your current location. This can particularly be a problem for someone that loves to stream content online. It is also seen in online gaming, your location can deny you access to play some online games.

You can have a fake GPS location on iPhone, this is just the perfect good news for someone.  It is possible to deceive your phone into thinking it’s in a different location and thus will it be for apps on the phone as well. This modification will provide you access to stuff that was previously unavailable in your real location. A virtual location will be created on your phone while you are chilling in your home or workplace.  This article is the perfect read for you to find out exactly how to change GPS location on my phone.

Change GPS on iPhone using Dr.Fone Virtual Location

With the help of a PC program called Dr.Fone, you can easily create a virtual GPS location on your iPhone. Wondershare created this computer software with a lot of phone control features. GPS spoofing is one of these functions. Other features of this app include phone data management, WhatsApp transfer, data backup, screen unlock, and phone transfer, to name a few.

How to use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location

Do you want to learn how to deceive your iPhone’s location? The following are the steps to using Wondershare’s Dr.Fone Virtual Location.

  1. On your computer, download the Dr.Fone – Virtual Location software from the website. After you’ve downloaded and launched the software, you’ll need to install it.

2. Go to the virtual location feature, click it, and then connect your phone to the computer with the suitable connection cord, then click get started.

3. The globe map appears on the screen after being activated by clicking. The teleport mode is activated by an icon in the top right corner. To add a new location, click this button and type the name in the search box.

4. Double-check that the address you selected is correct, then click “Move Here” to complete the virtual location spoofing.

Unique features of Dr.Fone – Virtual Location

Beyond helping you spoof your phone apps into believing your virtual location in one click, Dr. Fone – virtual location offers more. You are wondering what is more to offer? Here are the extra doses of exquisiteness that you get with this amazing tool:

1. Mock GPS location with speed setting

There is more than a static GPS location with Dr.Fone. You can create two or more virtual spots and create a route. This means your virtual location can go beyond being a spot. You can create a walking or driving impression between two different locations. This is done with speed setting. Automatic matching is another outstanding feature of this location changer. Its spots move automatically and allow for a real-time change of direction.

2. Import or Export GPX file to create a route

You can easily import GPX files of different paths. This makes documenting your routes possible, allowing you to explore more of the virtual location. Your routes can be saved as favorites, all in a single click. This means that you can even have proof to show your virtual location as something more believable. You can have a virtual vacation or tour exported as a GPX file while you were never there.

3. Trick all Location-based apps

All location-based applications on your iPhone will be spoofed by Dr. Fone – virtual location. Either it is a game or any other location-based application. No application is exempted from believing in this teleporting to a new virtual location. You will have to consciously remind yourself of your real location. It is also easy to control the GPS location with Dr.Fone. You can use the keyboard to control the GPS movement in 360 degrees direction. Keys W, A, S, and D or the arrow keys are used to control the movement.


There is no stopping you anymore as now you can use virtual GPS location to book a seat anywhere around the globe. With several methods examined, Dr.Fone is the most friendly tool in achieving GPS spoofing. It offers more functions as it is a phone management software. Dr.Fone allows you to change your location without having to install any new application on your iPhone and in simple few clicks you are anywhere you desire. Bear in mind that Dr.Fone offers you the chance to use speed settings to mock GPS locations with simulations of driving, cycling, or walking between two locations. You can also export or import GPX files to create a route.

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