Tips On How To Choose The Best Color Combination For Outside Walls

Most of the time, one concentrates higher on the interior of the house than its exteriors while constructing and designing the house. While they believe the interiors are the space that symbolizes one’s personality, it is mainly the exterior, the wall paint, and the structure that gives the first impression to the viewers. As it reflects an impression to the passersby on the street, choosing the right palette becomes a task for an Indian climate.

Several factors come into play when choosing an Indian house painting outside colors. Thus, here are some tips that you must consider while choosing the best exterior painting ideas to call it a perfect home.

1. Color Combination:

Don’t be mistaken by the notion that more colors will make the exterior of the house attractive. Sticking to one or a maximum of two colors will make the exterior of the house view decent and uncluttered. Also, if you are in one with just one exterior color but feel that it will give monotony to the home, using different shades of the same color is the best idea. These types of combinations will not just give good appeal to the exteriors, but will also be soothing to the eyes.

2. Choice of Painting Colors:

With the plethora of paint color options, settling on one or two colors is a daunting task. One of the best ideas is to avoid any dark colors like black as they absorb heat and dust, making you repaint the exteriors frequently. If you like a dark color, using its pale shade and mixing it with another light color is an excellent technique. Furthermore, as dark color provides dignity to the look, you can use them to highlight a bit of the main exterior features of the house, like pillars, gates, etc.

3. Durability Factor:

Whatever be the color, the type of painting color used will decide its durability. Even if appealing, high glossy paints are not recommended for the exteriors of the house. Satin finish or eggshell paints are the best options, as they have high durability with easy maintenance.

4. Effect Of Nature:

When deciding the color for the outside home, the effect of nature should be considered. It should match the mood, the climate, the surrounding, and the place. People living near the sea or hilly areas should spend extra time deciding the right color as per the backdrop. For example, cool and light colors are best for the houses in hilly and greener areas.

5. Theme:

Having a clear picture in your mind as to what you want on your exterior paint not just helps one in deciding quickly, it also eliminates a lot of if’s and but’s, the endless confusion. Therefore, creating a theme in your mind helps in getting some creative paint color ideas and thus, it makes the entire home glimpse like one.

6. Exterior Furnishing:

Like the interiors, the exterior paint color is also enhanced in combination with a bit of furnishing. They become appealing and give a complete view when done with furnishing. Windows, the garden panel, the boundary around the house, and the main gate are the few ideas for furnishing. Thus, one should match the exterior paint with these accents.

Hence, before you plan to get the exterior of the house painted, make sure to keep these tips in mind to ensure a perfect painting color for your home.

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