Tips For a Successful Potty Training

Do you want to start potty training to remove the diaper but are worried about when and how to do it? Do you get impatient when you hear that a child from another household has started potty training faster than your Baby?

A rule of thumb: Never compare your kid with other ones! 

Babies grow up differently and get used to new norms in different ways. Each Baby has his own time!

However, if you forcefully do potty training while ignoring the child’s personality or developmental situation, not only will it fail, but it may also cause psychological problems. 

This is because potty training is not just taking off a diaper but a stage in the developmental process that fosters a child’s sense of accomplishment and creativity.

The Best Time To Potty Train

At around 18 months, the muscles that tolerate bowel movements are developed, so it is often started between 18 and 24 months, but it is not inevitable

Depending on the child’s developmental status and personality, it does not matter if it is delayed further. 

Potty training has nothing to do with brain development, so I don’t think you need to worry too much. 

The most important thing is to start when your child wants to and send a signal about his desire to get rid of the diaper. 

It is recommended to try it when your child has expressed his bowel movements and the bowel movement time has stabilized every 2 hours or so. Visit here rapidshare and more online best website Click here viewster

Potty Training Signals

  • Your Baby begins to express your desire to urinate or have a bowel movement.
  • The interval between defecation is extended to 2-3 hours.
  • He can walk alone and lower his pants by himself.
  • When you go to the bathroom, he follows them, watches them closely, and imitates them.
  • After urinating on the diaper, he becomes uncomfortable and tries to take it off or asks for a change.
  • Dislike, like, and express his desires clearly.

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Potty Training Tips and Tricks

It is best to have the same person (or caregiver) at a set time and in a place where the child is most comfortable and friendly. 

It is also helpful to use a potty with your child’s favorite character or color, and it is essential to help the child feel psychologically stable.

Be Patient

Taking off a diaper and sitting on the toilet can be a challenge and fear for a child. You need to encourage your child and make him comfortable to avoid being psychologically withdrawn.

Take It Easy

Don’t punish for mistakes. Instead, encourage your kid to do better next time and explain the right way to do it to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Click here animixplay

Time It

As soon as you wake up in the morning, before going to bed, after eating, etc., you set a time interval and induce bowel movements at a particular time.

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Before potty training, it is also helpful to know when a baby in a diaper usually urinates.

Talk About It 

Use the toilet training animation video to make sitting on the toilet familiar, or role-play using your favorite character doll as if you were sitting on the toilet and urinating. Reading books about potty training can also be helpful.

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Get Your Baby Customized Potty and Underpants

Bring some pretty, cool underwear that he can wear instead of a diaper. Getting rid of the diaper makes your Baby feel different and more comfortable. 

In this way, he can get used to it and feel like wearing it.

Some parents prefer to use Pull Ups to transition from a regular diaper to underpants. 

Get Your Baby Involved In All The Steps

Practice everything with the kid step-by-step to prepare him to do it by himself while growing up. 

Through repetition, get used to taking off clothes, putting them on, cleaning up, flushing water, washing hands, etc. 

Don’t Give Up

You may become angry during the potty training journey, depending on the condition and mood of the day.

However, if you give up, your kid will get confused due to inconsistent teaching methods and lack of continuity. 

It is recommended to start potty training slowly and with a relaxed mind.

​The Takeaway

Potty training is not a competitive process… 

When the child is ready, they will naturally imitate your attitude and become interested in the bathroom. 

It is desirable that your child’s potty training should focus on how reliably it completes, not how quickly! 

Suppose you are preparing for potty training now! Start potty training without failure through positive interaction between the child and the caregiver.

Written By: Dema JS

Founder of and a mother of two little kids. Dema had her MBA from St. John’s University- NYC in dual concentrations: Executive Management and Marketing Management. 

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