Things to consider before purchasing an electric meat mincer machine

A meat mincer or grinder is a machine used for grinding or mincing meat and turning it into homogeneous forcemeat. It can also be used for chopping either cooked or raw meat, vegetables, or fish. The meat mincer machine price depends on certain factors that buyers have to consider.

According to types of meat mincer, the first is operated manually, while the second is powered by electricity. They have similar functions, but the model of the electric meat mincer is more complex.

This also plays a major role in determining the meat mincer machine price. A meat mincer is used to make sausage, hamburger, hash, and many other products. Let us discuss the types of meat mincers.

Different kinds of meat grinders

Meat grinder, electric

This is a type of meat mincer that is highly designed. It has two or three cutting plates of different sizes. This grinder contains a food pushing tool and sausage extrusion pipes that make ground sausage flow easily.

Meat grinder by hand

It grinds meat manually, which means it needs someone to operate it to grind meat. It processes small quantities of meat. It has cutting blades that rotate around a cutting plate that grinds meat.

Things to consider before purchasing an electric meat grinder


The efficiency of a meat grinder is determined by its power. The ppm of the mincer is very important because it goes along with the number of the plate of the grinder, whereby 800W is the ideal grinder.


As a buyer, when it comes to cost, you have to take it as an investment. Purchasing a quality meat grinder can be costly, and the higher the quality, the higher the meat mincer machine price in Kenya. If it is for domestic use, then purchase a modest grinder, but if it is for business purposes, then purchase a big grinder.

Size up

The larger the size, the higher the meat mincer machine price. Buyers should go for large-sized meat grinders, especially if they are for commercial purposes.

Though large meat grinders take a lot of space, and are heavy and not that portable, they can grind large amounts of meat for a short period. If it is for domestic purposes, small or modest size is not a bad choice.

The kind of meat to be minced 

For example, we have different kinds of meat, and they have varying degrees of toughness. Meats like boar, elk, wild, and venison are tough to grind, while pork, chicken, and beef are easy to mince. If you will be mincing different kinds of meat, then you need to purchase a powerful grinder.

The amount of meat 

Large meat grinders are better if you are dealing with large amounts of meat at a time. This will be a better choice if it is for commercial purposes. Large meat grinders are suitable and can go for long hours with ease. They have a large feeding pipe that takes large amounts of meat at once for processing.


We see that the meat mincer machine price depends on the above factors. A meat mincer with good power, maximum efficiency, and a large or modest size will be a good choice.

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