The Truth About Blood Diamonds – What Are Blood Diamonds?

The truth about conflict diamonds is a very complicated subject, but the film’s central premise is simple: conflict-diamonds are illegal gems stolen from war-torn countries and sold as legitimate gems. These stones often fund rebel groups and are obtained through violent means such as bribery, torture, and murder. The countries that produce conflict-diamonds are Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Blood diamonds definition

The UN definition of blood diamonds was created during the brutal civil wars in western and central Africa during the 1990s. These conflicts were sparked by rebel groups that controlled the country’s diamond mines. They exploited the workers and violated their human rights, and sold the rough diamonds to merchants and sold on the open market. Thousands of people were killed and raped for their gems, and there was no way to categorize these gems as blood diamond. The UN was forced to come up with a more accurate definition.

When global environmental organizations began to address the link between conflict diamonds and conflict in Africa, they did so with a report called “A Rough Trade.” Later, the Fowler Report was released, which explained how the illegal trade in conflict diamonds helped finance the conflict in Sierra Leone. The Kimberley Process was established in 2009 and the countries of southern Africa met in Kimberley, South Africa, to create a method of ending the conflict diamond trade.

While Taylor’s role in supplying rebels with weapons and arming rebels in Africa made the phrase “blood diamonds” a household term, it’s actually a very small fraction of the total diamond market. In fact, this category of gems is estimated to account for less than one percent of the global trade in diamonds. There are efforts underway to curb the trade in blood diamonds, but it’s still a small fraction of the world’s overall supply.


Conflict diamonds, also called blood diamonds, are not a legitimate gemstone, but a type of conflict-diamond. They are illegal and are often sold to fund military actions in areas controlled by rebel forces. Many of them are produced through forced labor and are stolen during shipment. Other conflict diamonds are confiscated and used for commercial purposes. This means that the majority of these conflict-diamonds are a source of profit for the armed forces.

When it comes to conflict-diamonds, they’re not a legal commodity. In fact, they’re illegal and contribute to the financing of warlords in Africa. They’re the result of human rights abuses and the sale of conflict diamonds. The diamond industry has long sought to distance itself from this issue, which has caused it to lose credibility in the eyes of consumers.

Conflict diamonds are rough diamonds mined in conflict zones. They are a source of illegal activities that contribute to the continuation of war. In the Angola conflict, UNITA pocketed $3.7 billion worth of the blood-diamond trade. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, this conflict has continued for decades, leaving millions of people dead and displaced. This is a very serious issue, and it’s one that should be addressed by all nations around the world.

A conflict diamond is a diamond that originates in a conflict zone. It is a type of diamond that is mined by rebel forces and is used to fund war. The people who mine it are often slaves, and many of them are forced to pay for their work. It’s difficult to know exactly what it takes to produce a conflict diamond. For example, a conflict-diamond can be very expensive and is a luxury item. Now, you can know umisoul shop bracelet, if you want to buy it. 

Final Words:

In addition to conflict diamonds, some conflict-free diamonds are also controversial. As a matter of fact, the Kimberley Process has been able to prevent 99.8% of the world’s blood diamond trade. However, it wasn’t established until the year 2000. Before that, countries did not have guidelines to prevent the trade of these gems. Any diamond that entered a country prior to 2000 could be a blood diamond. For more, you should know more about man made diamond.

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