The most played esports games in Delhi

In 2021, the India Mobile gaming report found Delhi to have the highest number of online gamers. If you want to be part of the statistics, online casino India sites can be found here coupled with the most played esports games.  

Counter-strike: Global offensive

CSGO is arguably the most prevalent virtual game in India since its release in 2012. It is a multiplayer game based on a first shooter, in which two teams of five players compete in multiple rounds.

The ideal rounds are thirty, with the playing objectives being to win as many rounds as possible to emerge as winners.

There are nine modes of playing CSGO: danger zone, competitive, casual, flying scoutsman, retakes, demolition, wingman, deathmatch, and Arms Race. Popular CSGO gamers in the Indian scene include Kiran ‘Rossi’ and Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma.


Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter game officially released by Riot Games in India in 2020. The updated version has additional features such as a new agent character called Reyna, a map called Ascent, and a mode named Spike Rush.

In addition to having a low system requirement, the game observes a team structure, enabling many players across Delhi to play simultaneously.

It offers a player thirteen rounds with one life in each round, where they can attack and defend their team using sharp gunplay and tactful options. They are thus required to act faster than their opponents to prevent elimination.

Some famous Indian valorant players are Ganesh ‘SK Rossi’ Gangadhar and Karan ‘Excali’ Mhaswadkar.

Street fighter

Street fighter V is the fifth of the street fighter series released in 2015 by Capcom. The game was initially created for the 2016 Microsoft Windows and PC but is also available on PS4. 

Having an action theme, it is arguably the most accessible e-sport in India, with the option of a multiplayer or single-player. The game’s sole theme is the ‘last man standing, where players bawl each other where the winner is left standing. 

On the Street fighter’s gaming scene, Adhitya Mahesh and Devraj Pandey undoubtedly carry the day as the best players.

The future of E-sports in India

The future of e-sports in India is promising. However, popular games like PUBG Mobile and Dota 2 have been banned, making it illegal to play them. Thus, avoid playing them to prevent a run-in with the law. 

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