The great career of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is a name that needs no introduction. He is probably the most famous golfer in history. Whenever major golf competitions take place, fans can wager on them by visiting the platform. By the way, Woods’ real name is not Tiger. His real name is Eldrick Tont.

There are many great things to highlight about Woods’ career. For example, he is among the top winners of PGA Tour competitions and other major championships. In general, Woods’ curriculum is truly impressive. From a very young age he started to show that he would become a golf legend. Whenever golf legends are in the field, the 1xBet website is a great platform to visit and to wager on these competitions.

Destined for stardom

Tiger Woods became a professional player in 1996. At that moment, he was only 20 years old. In subsequent years, he would start winning tons of competitions. This meant that very early in his career, he was already seen as one of the best golf players in the world. The great live 1xBet website features lots of live betting opportunities which can be enjoyed on the top golf competitions.

In fact, many things happened within Woods’ first year as a professional player. Specifically, some of the achievements that he made between 1996 and 1997 include:

  • winning three PGA Tour championships;
  • winning the 1997 Masters, which was his first major trophy;
  • and also, becoming number one in the golf rankings.

No other golf player had done so much in so little time. For this reason, even before having one year as a professional player, many thought that he was already the best golfer ever. The 1xBet website has lots of pre-match and live wagering chances, which are available for the most important golf competitions.

Consolidation and fall

The first decade of the 21st century would be the period where Woods consolidated his legend. On the platform it is possible to find lots of other excellent golfers to wager on.

During most of the decade of the 2000s Woods was number 1 in the golf rankings. In that period he added 13 additional trophies to his collection. However, when the end of that decade was approaching, problems started to emerge.

Specifically, during that time, Tiger Woods had multiple injuries on his back. This led to many surgeries that left him out of the golf fields for a while. Additionally, he also had some high-profile personal problems.

However, despite all those issues, Tiger Woods is still a true golf legend. His achievements have been so great that it is unlikely that they will be equaled anytime soon. As it can be seen, golf is a great sport, and the 1xBet website is an amazing platform to wager on it.

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