The Effectiveness of The 12 Step Process To Alcohol Rehab

Before you can start any alcoholism treatment program, you or a loved one need to reach a point that all recovered alcoholics have to arrive at. This is the point where you want to change and get professional addiction treatment services. Any therapist will tell you that even the best therapies in the world are worthless if the person doesn’t want to change. This can be a big step for many because they are often in denial or unwilling to give up the addiction that often suppresses a lot of other issues in their lives.

Reaching this point is not really something that can be enforced at will. For many alcoholics, there is something that serves as a wake-up call—an accident or a loved one leaving or something that can bring them back to reality. An intervention from friends and loved ones can also be a very useful strategy.

So, one of the most effective programs for alcohol rehab is the 12-step process as outlined and followed by Alcoholics Anonymous (or AA as its commonly known). The first step is the most important and is all about acceptance. It is about accepting your dependency, and that alcohol has control over your life. The second step is about realizing that you can do something about it and that you CAN change and break the addiction.

The third step of the AA program is one of the most important and is often the truing point for many. It is about finding God and accepting the guidance and presence of a higher power in your life. When you surrender to God, you can reconnect to the very essence of who you really are and affect some radical changes with relative ease.

Steps 5 to 9 are all about reconciliation. Firstly, you admit your mistakes to yourself, to God, and to your family and all those who were affected by your addiction. By asking God for guidance and through introspection, you can now move on and accept a life of total sobriety. By turning the focus inwards, by asking for forgiveness, and by asking for guidance, you are now ready to move on to the final steps of the program.

The final two steps are all about reaching out and helping others. In helping others, we always help ourselves, and by praying for those who are going through similar woes, you, in effect, pray for yourself as well. The final step is about the final “spiritual awakening” and becoming a role model and a guide to others who are still going through the process. Alcoholics Anonymous is all about ex-alcoholics helping alcoholics. It is about passing on the wisdom from someone who has been there to someone who still wants to get there.

The most powerful part of the program is the fact that it is based on spirituality and finding your “self” again. By reconnecting to the highest part of yourself and getting guidance from people who had the same experience, you can truly come out a better person. In fact, many people at the end of the AA Program see alcoholism as their greatest blessing.

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