The Best New Casino Games For Players From India

India has a rich and complex gambling industry. It features both online and offline casinos and those casinos tend to have both games that are popular in India alone and to western players. 

Here we present a list of casinos that you should check out if you’re interested in the Indian gambling industry. The list isn’t complete and there are many new casinos that are popping up regularly and that may find their spot in the industry. 

Jackpot City 

Jackpot City is one of the best Indian new casinos and one of the largest ones as well. It has one of the most generous welcome bonuses out there, as well as numerous payment options that will suit players from all over the world.  The casino offers over 60 live casino games you can try. 

The website and its layout are the biggest downsides to playing in Jackpot City since it’s rather confusing and complicated to use. There are also rather high wagering requirements you’ll need to meet to use the bonuses. 

The customer support is very fast and you can resolve the issue within 20 minutes. This is true regardless of the method you’re using to contact the casino. It can be done via email, chat, or a call. Regardless of the option, using the Jackpot City team is great. 

Spin Casino

Spin casino is one of the best online casinos in India, mostly well known because of the large welcoming bonus that it offers. It’s also mostly focused on mobile gamers and that’s where its technical features shine the most. There are 45 different live games to try in this casino. 

The wagering requirements are also rather high which is to be expected when you get a bonus of that size.  You can make withdrawals using all the common payment methods that you can expect from any other casino, except cryptocurrency which isn’t yet included. There are quite low betting minimums and the casino welcomes players that are there to have fun rather than win big. 

The customer support team working in Spin Casino is top-notch. It offers email, phone calls, and chat as an option. It takes about 2 days to get a response in an email and you’ll probably be on hold for about 20 minutes if you’re calling them. 


The biggest advertisement for this casino comes from its bonus structure. It’s mostly focused on free spins and you get 50 of them as soon as you sign up. Slots are the most popular game PlayOJO has to offer – it has over 2900 different slot games available. 

There are no deposit bonuses to speak of and it takes a while before you’re able to get a payout for your funds. There are also some table games that you can enjoy between slots but that’s not why most players come to this casino. 

You can contact customer support 24/7 and it’s available over emails, chat, and a phone call. All of these are equally fast and you’ll get customer support within 5 minutes regardless of how you’ve contacted the casino, in case you have some sort of technical issue. 

Lucky Niki

Lucky Niki is a casino made for sports betting.  There are six different virtual sports betting options out there and the casino comes with its mobile app. The bonuses are deposit matches as well as free spins with the assigned value. Lucky Niki is on the novel side of things and it accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. 

There are very few table games available, but that’s not why players come to Lucky Niki in the first place. Waiting time for payouts is also pretty high and all that you can do is wait. It does feature poker games and blackjack if you’re interested in passing the time between sports betting events. 

The customer support offered by Lucky Nicky is top of the line. You can contact the support 24/7 via a variety of different channels. Email responses are usually the slowest but you can contact the support via chat in an instant.  This is useful if something goes wrong with your payments. 

What Makes the Casino a Good Option for You?

All of the casinos we mentioned have some qualities that you can enjoy or make use of. No casino will suit your needs regardless of what kind of player you are. There are a few things that you should look for, however. 

You should look for casinos that have games that you enjoy and know how to play. The casino should also have different payment methods and they should be safe to use. This includes having a customer support team to help you out when needed. 

Which One To Choose?

There’s no one answer that will suit every circumstance and every player individually gets to choose the right option for them. It’s also very much about what kind of games you like and what kind of odds you like to run against. Therefore, you’ll need to find a casino that meets all of these needs.

It’s also a good idea to switch things up now and then and to try out a casino for a while before moving on to the next one. This experience helps a lot with finding the best casino for you through a trial and error process. 

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