The Best Game Apps That Pay Real Money Fast For 2021

If someone has told you that it will be possible to win real money by playing games, say fifteen or ten years ago would you believe them? Imagine, you are sitting comfortably in your chair, playing bejeweled 2 online, and the money is coming into your bank account. It sounds like some joke, doesn’t it? 

However, it is not! Okay, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will make a fortune or become famous. Indeed, even things like that happen to some people. But it is necessary to know that it is rare. Besides those are the people who work to become professional gamers and invest a whole lot in their careers. They spend hours perfecting their skills; they participate in tournaments and study the opponents. 

However, this is not just rare but also pretty challenging. But there are other ways to earn money by doing something you like. There are plenty of game apps that pay you for playing games or completing some tasks.  

Now, if you try to check this information online, you will see that there is indeed a plethora of options. That said, it can be hard to figure out which are scams and which are not. We believe you are curious about this as much as we were, but you don’t have time to research. Hence, we did a job for you and compiled a list of game apps to win real money.

How to Win Real Money By Playing Games?

There are plenty of ways to win real money with games. For example, some companies can hire you as their beta tester. It can be fun, although you have to know that you will not be playing popular games. These are the games that haven’t hit the market yet. The companies need to understand how the audience will react, and that is why they hire you to test them. You can also play the games and blog about them or start a YouTube channel.  Some people make videos of themselves playing and reviewing the games at the same time.

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Game Apps That Enable You to Earn Money


Swagbucks is one of the most known and best game apps that provide you with the opportunity to earn money.  Here you are making money for things that you are doing online anyways. The most common way is to play games. The website usually offers various word and arcade games. There are also Cash games that work on the same principle as other casino slot games. You have to invest to play and earn money. You can also play for free, but then you won’t gain anything.  Besides that you can also make money by shopping, taking surveys, referring friends, and so on.


The Mistplay app is available for download in Google Play Store. It is a platform where people can play games. The platform has a system to reward users by giving those points. Keep in mind that Mistplay is not a game. It is an app that offers access to plenty of games. It is also one of the apps that pay people to play games. Besides that, you can get paid for downloading and testing games. 


It is another one on the list of game apps that allow users to make money. Before you begin, download the app and link it with your account. Once you have done that, you can finish little tasks to earn money. One of the things you can do is play games. It is a well-known app that has millions of users. 

Long Game 

Unlike Mistplay, the real money-earning games app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.  It is different from other apps, and you have to pay to use it after a trial period.  This period lasts for one month, during which you will understand how the Teal tier works. After that, you will be asked to pay $ for the Teal tier. Alternatively, given that you meet the requirements, you can join the Gold or Diamond tier for free.  If you are developing good saving habits, the app will reward you by giving coins.  The more money you save, the greater the reward will be. 

Solitaire Cube 

There isn’t anyone who at some point didn’t get hooked on Solitaire, is there?  Do you remember how addictive it was when it appeared? Imagine then how it is now when you can make money playing it! It allows you to participate in tournaments in one on one competitions with real money prizes. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and Samsung phones, tablets, etc. 


We are at the end of the list of our game apps! As you can see, it is not a fraud – there are actual apps that enable you to win real money! However, you need to be careful and avoid those that guarantee you to become rich by playing games! It is essential to keep your regular job and take this only as a fun way to get some pocket money on the side.  Have you ever earned money by playing games? Do you think you are skilled enough to try? For More Information Visit This Site: thefrisky

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