The 3 Best Cloud Storage for Everyone

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  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • IDrive
  • One Last Thing…

The competitive tech and software industry has made it difficult to find a suitable cloud storage platform for you and your files. It is very important to carefully go through your options so you can find a secure and a fast-speed cloud storage service. Here are some handpicked cloud storage platforms that you can use for professional, personal and family-level use.

Google Drive

Almost all of us have or at least once had a Gmail account. Gmail accounts are very common in professional as well as personal settings. The benefit of having one is that it gives you instant access to the many products and services that Google has to offer. For example, if you are using an Android phone, you need to sign in with your Gmail credentials to use the Play Store. Simairlyl, it gives you access to Google Docs, Google Sheets, which are basically cloud-based products and services.

The Google Drive cloud storage is one of the many things you can enjoy with your Gmail account. There is absolutely nothing you have to do to be able to use Google Drive for professional or personal use. It is feature rich for Android users.

  • Google Drive is more than just a cloud storage platform. It comes with many other integrated apps such as Google Photos and Docs. It lets you manage your work, entertainment and creativity all in one place.
  • After opening a Gmail account, you get access to a free storage capacity of up to 15 GB! From there on, you can upgrade your storage capacity by buying a subscription based plan. Check out Google One plans and prices here.
  • You can use Google’s cloud storage as a collaborative workspace as well. Its features like Jamboard and Google Docs let you use link-sharing to work on projects with your team in real time. You can add collaborators to the projects through their Gmail IDs, or simply make the project visible to anyone who has the link.


If you want collaborative cloud storage for personal use, then Dropbox works best for you. It is an easy-to-use cloud storage that lets you integrate many third party apps and services. But most importantly, it is the best for sharing files. In terms of security, Dropbox is exceptional as well. It features two-factor authentication, so getting into your account by an unauthorized person is not a possibility.

Here are some most important features of Dropbox that you can enjoy with either of its 3 plans that include a free storage plan too.

  • You can sync your data and have access to the data from any of your devices. This makes Dropbox ideal for on the go users, students, teachers and business employees. You don’t need to be restricted to 1 account or 1 device from where you can access your files.
  • Your collaborators or teammates do not need a Dropbox account for you to be able to share your files. Plus, there is no restriction on what size of file you wish to share with someone else, as long as your cloud storage capacity is sufficient.
  • Dropbox is a highly recommended cloud storage for families. It has a specific plan that caters to family needs by allowing you to use the account on multiple devices and providing ample storage. It has good security features that protect you and your family’s data. There is a free and a Plus Plan too.

Check out Dropbox plans and prices to find yourself the best deal.


IDrive is popular for many, but mainly for its good value plans and decent security. It is suitable for personal or individual use, but also has business and enterprise level plans too. The maximum storage capacity offered by IDrive is 10TB for personal  or individual users. You can get as high as 50TB for business use. Find more about IDrive cloud storage plans and prices, after you have gone through its most important features in the following:

  • The most beneficial feature about IDrive is that it does not restrict the number of PCs or computers you can use the drive on. In fact, you can back up your phones, tablets, and laptops with this cloud storage.
  • Online sync feature lets you access your data from anywhere and everywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can access the data from the cloud on any device. This does not affect your data’s location, backup space or anything of that sort.
  • This is the best cloud storage in terms of security, firstly, it is end-to-end encrypted with the 256-bit AES standard, so data losses are minimal. Secondly, it stores up to 30 different versions of your data in the history, so you restore any version very easily without worrying that any malware or spyware might erase everything. To prevent any type of data loss in cases of emergency, IDrive particularly stores parts of your data that you have recently modified.
  • If you delete something purposely or mistakenly but require it sometime later, then recovering it from the bin is also possible with IDrive. It keeps the data retrievable for up to 30 days.

One last thing…

When choosing a cloud storage, make sure you have also chosen a good internet provider. You need to have high-speed internet that can upload and download files quickly, as well as keep the files fully synced and updated. If you are in a rural part of Pakistan, there may be some limited options of internet providers. However, Rise Broadband internet plans are an incredible option for rural communities of America. Rise Broadband plans are suitable for families, individual users and for working remotely. Just reach out to Rise Broadband customer service to find available plans and packages in your area.

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