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Techniques for increasing high-quality visitors to your site at a low cost   

In this article, we’ll go through several simple methods for increasing website traffic.

Do you want to turn your website into a customer acquisition or retention machine?

You’ll learn a few of the best strategies, methods, and secrets to help you get there quickly.

Let’s get started.

Tip #1: Use LinkedIn to promote both old and new content 

Using LinkedIn to promote all of your posts, old and new, will help you acquire more traffic faster.

If you’re wondering how it’s feasible, consider the following reasons why this method works. That is the result of having a large number of LinkedIn contacts.

All you have to do now is check over your previous blog entries and determine which ones your contacts would be most interested in.

Make a list of them and post them on LinkedIn every few days. Then, while you’re writing a new piece, keep it in mind.

So, consider what your contacts might like to see. You can write the best articles if you think about it from their point of view.

Publish the content on your website’s blog and then share it on LinkedIn. You could persuade experts to visit your site with an attention-getting headline and a brief description.

You are not required to use written content to advertise your blogs; you can also utilize video content.

Upload the video footage, together with a description, a catchy title, and a link back to your website, directly to LinkedIn.

Tip #2: Use email marketing to promote your blog 

You can share your blog posts with your email list every time you write one. You can also share an old blog post with a new prospect when you add them to your list.

If you want to fast build your email list, here’s how to accomplish it.

Email address extractor

To find the email addresses of your target audience, you could use the email address extractor. can extract email addresses from Gmail in addition to obtaining email addresses with names.

Tip #3 – Posting as a guest 

The next strategy is to write an upside-down blog post.

Are you curious as to what that is?

Do you have any experience with guest posting?

This is where you just contact blog owners and inform them that you have a fantastic idea for an article that you would like to publish on their site, in exchange for a link to your site in the bio section.

There is a disadvantage to this because those links are frequently buried towards the bottom of the page in the bio section.

And just a few people ever make it there to read it.

This is where an upside-down blog can help; let’s have a look at how.

You compose an article in this situation. You include a few links to other useful resources that exemplify the argument you’re making towards the top.

One of those links should be to an article on your own website. This manner, you gain two advantages. You get the backlink, and there’s a better chance that visitors will click on to your site, where they can convert into a customer.

Concluding thoughts 

You may use these simple tactics to increase your site traffic in minutes now that you know about them.

You don’t have to employ everything; simply pick a few strategies, apply them to your approach, and observe the results.

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