Swimsuit Myths

People will give you a lot of advice and sometimes it becomes difficult to decide what is right and what is wrong. Always keep in mind how life is going on, take the right and true advice, and ignore the bad ones. Similarly, beach babes hear a lot of things about swimwear, beach trips, beach activities, and due to a lot of myths heard we become easily confused about what is right and what is wrong and how to pick the right things and decisions regarding the bathing suit and beach trip as well as other activities. In such bombarded information we feel it is our duty to help you out in this matter, as our work is all about Designer womens swimwear. We are here to tell you about the myths that are far beyond reality. Following are some of the myths that are common about swimwear.

 Myth: White Swimsuits Are Transparent

Never go for white swimwear. It is surely one of the absurd myths you have heard commonly, it is our responsibility to tell you about the reality. Most white swimwear, especially designer swimwear, are designed in a way that blocks see-through. They are designed carefully in a way with full inner lining and textured fabric. The thick nude layering helps to block any transparency, making sure that you feel super comfortable, both within the water and out of water. If you want even more security, add some playful texture to mix with. 

Myth: Only Black Can Make You Slim

We all accept that black is the most stunning color and makes a classy look. But the myth that black is the most slimming option, is not true. But the reality is that all the solid colors such as deep purple, navy blue, bottle green, and brown have the same slimming effect. For example, grey works wonders on women with grey hair and looks more stunning than black. If you like prints and also want to look slim, then opt for the one with a vertical and diagonal line instead of the horizontal line and tiny prints which are similar to the seagoing trend, and make your body appear more slimming than it really is. 

Myth: Stick With Your Clothing Size

Another common myth with swimwear is that, buy your swimwear of the same size as you do in clothing. When you shop for swimwear, always keep in mind that many luxury designer swimwear tend to make swimsuits smaller in size, as compared to the standard sizing chart of casual clothes. The reason behind designing swimwear smaller in size is that they are meant to fit adequately to flatter the body.  

Myth: Small Busted Need Padding

Women with small busts need extra padding to enhance the chest, it is also another most commonly heard myth about swimwear. Yes! We do know that extra padding is one of the instant ways to make your bust enhanced than it is, there are other numbers of tricks too. Bikini tops with ruffles, frills, bows, bold prints, and some embellishment create volume to the bust. To rock in your swimwear is to feel comfortable in your own way and accept yourself at all.  

Myth: Big-Busted should always wear One-Piece

Large-busted babes should always consider one-piece swimwear for their body type. The myth that large-busted women should stick to one piece is not true. Large-busted women can go for any style they want to rock the beach. Tops with wide straps, halter tops, and the underwire is a perfect match for large-busted women as it provides enough support you need and creates a smarter look. Tops with double stitching are a plus point, so keep an eye on such pieces. 

Myth: More coverage is better.

Another common myth we heard is that swimwear with more coverage is always better to look good. Well again; it is not true. The reality is, it totally depends on you what you want to wear and feel comfortable with. For example, boyshorts as their name indicates they look like shorts and give you more coverage. If you want to indulge in water sports activities, boyshorts are the perfect piece for you then. However, if you want a little more flesh then string bikinis are the best option as they lay flat on the skin. 

I hope after reading this blog, much of your confusion will be clear, so let’s get your favorite online swimwear from ishine365.

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