Studying Law Is A Good Decision

Law – that dry, boring subject where you have to memorize paragraphs and definitions? Yes, but not only. There are a lot of stereotypes and prejudices about law school. Not all are completely unfounded. Law is actually considered to be a particularly difficult and learning-intensive subject, but boring? No way! There are very good reasons for studying law elaborated by Law Mind.

Don’t always believe everything you hear

First of all, we would like to clear up a few prejudices regarding law at this point:

  • Law school is dry and boring.
  • When I study law, I have to memorize all sorts of laws.
  • Law school is so long.
  • Studying law means monotonous learning by heart.
  • Law students have no free time because they only sit at their desks.
  • Studying law is difficult.

These are just a few of the prejudices that the legal course has had to contend with for a long time. In fact, you shouldn’t always believe everything you hear.

1. Good salary and powerful positions

Yes, this is a reason that speaks in favor of studying law. Of course, being financially secure is not a disadvantage in later professional life. As a law graduate, you can achieve much more, especially in large law firms and companies. You can expect good career opportunities and the opportunity to advance quickly. In large units, such as commercial law firms, the starting salaries are already above average, but with increasing position in the company, the remuneration becomes more and more attractive.

In the civil service, for example in the judiciary, the salaries cannot keep up with those paid in large law firms. Here you have the opportunity to take on real responsibility. You literally judge people and their fates.

Especially in the highest courts or in politics, there are also powerful positions that offer the opportunity to help shape the law. Few other professions offer so much influence and participation.

2.Time to practice

Sure, one or the other course includes a practical semester, or maybe a mandatory internship in a company. But that is nothing compared to the legal clerkship. After the first state examination, as a freshly qualified lawyer you have two years to look around in all professional fields and try everything out. And best of all: the state pays. Well, the pay isn’t great right now, but you’ll never again have the opportunity to get a taste of everything so easily in later professional life.

During the legal clerkship you complete various stations, for example you are accommodated at the regional court, at a public authority, in a law firm and at the public prosecutor’s office. A good opportunity to gain practical experience, to orientate oneself and sometimes to make one or the other mistake.

3. Frustration Tolerance

Whether you want it or not, studying law inevitably increases your own tolerance for frustration. No matter how much fun studying can be, there comes a point for everyone where you really have to grit your teeth. Be it the amount of material that can be overwhelming, a difficult exam or even the exam at the end of law school. But: this is a reason for joy. The challenges that come with a difficult and study-intensive subject will make you stronger. Law school teaches you perseverance and frustration tolerance. It will show you what you are actually capable of.

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4. History and tradition

Law is a very traditional and also conservative subject. There are many ways to experience this tradition during your studies – for example in a lecture on legal history or by studying the old texts and judgments. Many of the laws have an interesting historical background, they spring from their own zeitgeist and each era has helped shape the law as it is today. When interpreting the laws, their origin and the will of the historical legislature are also always important.

Whether it’s the robes in the courtroom or the pompous old faculty buildings, the traditional flair can still be felt in law school. And if you are interested in history, you can take a lot with you here.

5. No bachelor/master system

For a long time, legal education has successfully evaded all attempts to be squeezed into the corset of a bachelor’s/master’s system. It is true that the necessary reforms are slowly being implemented in legal training – some universities now also offer a Bachelor of Laws- but the Bologna system has not yet caught on. This has the great advantage that learning in law studies is relatively free and not as academic as in other courses. As a law student, you can structure and organize your studies freely, since most courses do not build on each other. Although this freedom may not be beneficial for everyone. The cornerstones are given, but there is nothing wrong with postponing a lecture or combining the subjects as you see fit. Hardly any other course offers so much flexibility.

6. learning for life

Law studies are often viewed as very dry, theoretical and not very realistic. In fact, however, the course takes place very closely to life. This is not only due to the many facts that come from the middle of life. If you study law, you not only get the tools you need to become a lawyer or judge. In fact, you will learn a lot during your university career that will also be of great use to you outside of exams and your everyday legal work.

7. Versatile career prospects

Once you have completed your law degree, numerous doors are open to you. Your career choice with law is by no means limited to the classic professions such as lawyer, judge or public prosecutor.

By passing your law degree, you have demonstrated perseverance and shown that you can also master difficult tasks. This quality is in demand in many areas that are often only marginally related to law.

How about a career in politics, the police administration or the armed forces, the diplomatic service or a business company? These are also popular contact points for qualified lawyers. In addition, legal expertise and specialist knowledge, as well as medical care, are always in demand. As a lawyer, you will never be short of professional opportunities.

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