South Carolina New Expungement Law

A recent amendment to the state’s criminal code has created a new opportunity for people to get their criminal records expunged. Under the law, those who have committed misdemeanors or crimes that carry a fine of up to $1,000 may be eligible to have their records expunged in onethink. Additionally, certain kinds of offenses may no longer be considered crimes if the person has been in a period of good behavior.

To begin the process of expungement, you must contact the Solicitor’s office in the judicial circuit where you were charged. There is a specific employee within the Solicitor’s office who is responsible for overseeing the expungement process in pklikes. There are 16 circuits in South Carolina, and a state website lists each one’s contact information and application process. Once you’ve located the office, you’ll need to submit an application for expungement. Different circuits require different information, including copies of court documents.

The law will also protect employers from being sued for asking about expunged convictions in job applications. Employers will not be able to find these convictions on commercial criminal background checks in mostinsides. Moreover, South Carolina employers are protected from lawsuits and administrative claims when hiring applicants with expunged records. These claims typically stem from negligent hiring, retention, and supervision. So, while it is still possible for an employer to be sued for discrimination, the new expungement law will provide employers with more peace of mind in blognez.

The South Carolina new expungement law will remove a criminal record by restoring the person to a position similar to that prior to the offense. The individual may even deny the existence of a criminal record and request expungement of his or her criminal history. The laws that govern expungement in South Carolina can be found at South Carolina Code Ann. SS 17-22-910, which is South Carolina’s version of the Uniform Expungement of Criminal Records Act. Read more about pklikes com login

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