Soundtrack to A Better Sleep at Night – Know How Music Can Aid Sleep

Music is one of the best forms of art. It not only makes the listener dance but also improves sleep hygiene as well. Many people are listening to music to get relax and to shut their eyes. Moreover, music can improve the quality of sleep in just 3 weeks. You can find snooze-themed music that can offer a range of sleeping benefits to the listener.

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How can music aid sleep?

Everyone knows that gentle rhythms and lullabies can make babies fall asleep. According to scientific observations, children from infants to school children will fall asleep by listening to soothing music. People of all age groups reported an increase in sleep quality by incorporating calm music into their daily routine.

According to a study, those who listened to music for 45 minutes before sleeping reported better sleeping quality from day one. In another study conducted on women with insomnia, the participants who listened to the music fall asleep after 27-69 minutes of getting into the bed, but after incorporating music, they fall asleep just after 6-13 minutes.

Why does music affect sleep?

When you listen to the music, the sound waves of music change into electric signals once they reach your brain. Physical effects will be triggered in the body when the brain interprets the sound waves. These effects can either reduce the issues related to sleep or promote sleep directly.

According to studies, music can help to regulate the hormones like cortisol, a stress-releasing hormone. Also, music can trigger a hormone called dopamine to reduce pain and boost positive feelings during bedtime. This hormone is commonly released while doing activities including exercise, sex, and eating.

Moreover, music soothes the nervous system that controls the body organs like the digestive system, and lungs.

Best music to fall asleep

According to studies conducted on diverse playlists and genres, there is no particular consensus on optimal music to get sleep. Musical preference is an important factor that can affect the body of a person.

Quiet, sad, and slow piano songs are ideal

Research studies reveal that you can create the best song by using:

  • BPM – 98
  • dB – 23
  • Piano music
  • Gloomy melody

Tempo (BPM)

The tempo is measured in BPM (beats per minute). The heartbeat of an adult ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute so, choosing a tempo in that range is perfect for sleep. For snoozing, the right BPM is 98. When you listen, the music of that range your body will sync with it.

Sound (dB)

Sound power is measured in dB. Silence is measured as 0dB, ambulance siren nearly 140 dB, and so on. People often struggle to fall asleep to the loud noise. Music less than 30 dB is the perfect sound intensity that leaves whispering or rustling. For good sleep, the ideal dB is 23.

Piano music

Compared to other instruments such as flute, violin, and others, piano music can soothe and relax the listener quickly. Also, this music offers health benefits. They are relief from

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Overthinking
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Sad mood

Fast tunes inspire you to exercise and dance, but if you want to fall asleep, listen to slow, soothing music. Sad songs are also best during bedtime as they are slow and quiet.

Hearing music impacts the growth of the body positively. More studies are going out to know how music can assist health. You can also experiment by trying different playlists and songs to find out the right one for you.

Best ways to listen to music during bedtime

Add it to your daily routine – By incorporating music, you can calm your body and mind.

Find the right song – Some people find a slow tempo is more relaxing, while others feel upbeat music is the idea. Find out the music ideal for you.

Avoid using headphones – Using headphones is uncomfortable during bedtime. Also, it causes hearing problems. So, avoid using it while going to sleep.

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