Some Green & Eco-Friendly Birthday Surprises

The world news our awareness and it should reflect from our actions. But before you go through the gifts, it is very important that you adopt a green and eco-friendly way of living in your life.

E-Bike – The world is running towards a tragic end that is caused by pollution and emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles. And the solution is here in the market. Now, it all depends on people as to what they choose. The only way to diminish the pollution caused by vehicles is to adopt electric vehicles. And that could be a new way of surprising your son or daughter on a birthday after completing teenage. As soon as he/she gets a license, you can think about a surprise electric bike or electric scooter. There are cool designs and updated models in the market right now and by your gifting gesture, you can also inform your son/daughter about the situation of pollution and our duty to cope with it.

Plants – There is no better thing to present as a gift in time when there are reports coming from different survey companies that the world is facing a global pandemic of climate change more than a hundred years earlier than the due date. Plants are the best gifts as they provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. There are so many different types of plants to choose from such as medicinal plants, succulent plants, bonsai plants, flowering plants, and more. And when you think about a plant as a gift, you can make it expressive and heart-warming by choosing a beautiful planter for it. And again, be eco-friendly with planters too, and opt for a planter made out of ceramic and not plastic.

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Solar Portable Charger – There is no doubt that portable charges are high in demand. As the use of mobile phones has increased and people have started working from their phones too, it is very hard for a mobile phone to survive throughout the day without a charge. And thus, there is a need for portable chargers. But one also needs to charge portable chargers through power sockets. Well, as we are talking about eco-friendly ways of surprising someone on his/her birthday, how can we forget solar energy. We have a perfect gift idea which is the result of combining two thoughts. You can make your special someone smile by gifting a portable charger that charges itself from the heat of the sun. And it means that you can charge your mobile phone costing anything to earth and to yourself.

Beautiful Flowers – When you are searching for something beautiful that you would present as a gift to your special someone, you should try doing your gesture through beautiful flowers. As poets say, flowers are the magical spell cast upon the earth by the Almighty that would magically transform the lives of people, you can easily make the receiver happy with your green yet colourful gifting gesture. There are so many varieties of flowers to choose from such as roses, carnations, gerberas, lilies, tulips, and more. You can try a combo of happy birthday flowers and balloons for a perfect surprise. Try different types of flower arrangements such as bouquets, flower baskets, flowers in glass vases, and more.

Organic Hemp Yoga Mat – The Organic Hemp Yoga Mat is made altogether of normal materials, for example, fine hemp cotton, regular fleece, and unadulterated crude wild hemp. This eco-accommodating yoga mat is ideal for rehearsing presents or even laying on. Furthermore, it’s nice to realize that no synthetics, blanches, or colors are utilized to make this hemp yoga mat. Each fiber is hand-collected, washed in debris water, hand-turned, sewed, and weaved.

Plantable Pencils – Gifting pencils to the kids on their birthdays is a regular thing. But you take the thought a step ahead by putting aside the age barriers and adding a pinch of eco-friendly and green things to the pencils. Instead of just buying the pencil box from the nearest shop, buy online a box of plantable pencils having seeds inside at every end of the pencils. These pencils are so good and thoughtful as one can get the work done and can grow some more greenery for nature.

Be the change you want to see in the world!

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