Some Enlightenment On The Best Irish Footballer Of All The Time

Being a great nation, Ireland endows a rich football heritage. Ireland has produced great footballers in the last few decades. That is why football lovers could relish some of the most magnificent football matches of the time. They have some of the most well-equipped coaches under whose Irish players could perform so well in the field. They are very professional, and when they are on the field, they show us some charismatic hits and strikes, which mesmerize us, and we relish the gameplay from the pavilion.

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Robbie Keane

Robert David Keane, an Irish footballer, born in 1980. He played as a forward player in the team. He started his football career at the age of 10 only and played for Crumlin United. He started playing for Ireland in the UEFA U16 and U18 championships. In 1999, he participated at the Youth Cup in Nigeria. In 2006, at the FIFA World Cup, he created his name by making 4-consecutive goals.

He played for Wolverhampton Wanderers, Leeds United, Inter Milan, Liverpool, and LA Galaxy. In Wolverhampton Wanderers, he made a benchmark after giving 16 goals, which was his biggest achievement of that time, and after that, he achieved numerous points as an Irish football player.

Paul McGrath

This 1959 born Irish footballer should be called a living legend for his contribution to the national football team of Ireland. Indeed, he prolifically executed the responsibility of a center-back for his team with his calming and authoritative presence in the defense line. Alongside, Paul McGrath also was a great ballplayer, encompassing the ability to forward the ball smoothly towards the opponent’s net. Hence, he doesn’t get to confront many controversies compared with Bobby Moore by a section of Irish football admirers. McGrath has spent a large chunk of time playing for Manchester United and Aston Villa, and his name is also in the six winners of the Players’ Player of the Year Award.

Niall Quinn

7 years younger than Paul McGrath, Niall Quinn’s name will be taken as long as Irish football is present in peoples’ hearts, as he is the second-highest goalscorer for Ireland. With 21 international goals for his national team in his sack, he also won 92 caps for his team. His club football experience was with renowned English Premier League clubs like Arsenal and Manchester City. He also contributed to Sunderland from the 1980s to the 2000s. At present, this former Irish footballer is a successful businessman. He was also the director of Sunderland until 2012, when he chose to step away from that responsibility.  He also has the experience of playing for his national team in FIFA World CUP and UEFA European Football Championship.

John O’ Shea

John O’Shea, best known as a versatile player, has played for the Ireland Football team. His debut match for Ireland was in 2001 against Croatia. He played 118 matches for Ireland for the past 17 years. He was also the captain of his Irish team and made many achievements for himself and the nation. When he played for Manchester United, he defeated Arsenal by 4-2, which was his best match to date. This grew the rivalry between the two teams, and Oshae became responsible for this. He can play at any pitch, and that makes him a versatile player who has played everywhere.

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