Securing Money’s Worth: 3 Considerations to Make Before Comparing Inverter Battery Price

An inverter battery is an investment we make once in several years; therefore, choosing the right kind of battery is crucial if you don’t intend to invest in a battery every few years. But, then again, as consumers we don’t have much idea about batteries in general and often go by the inverter battery price, as it becomes difficult to choose one that would serve our needs the best.

In this article, we will look at a few things that you should consider apart from the price that play an important role in the overall quality of the battery and has a direct impact on the pricing as well.

The Build Quality of the Battery

If you fail to pay attention to the build quality, you might end up with an unsatisfactory deal. It’s important to choose a battery that’s built using the highest-quality standards to get your money’s worth. A battery is manufactured using 1 of 3 methods:

  1. HADI or High-Pressure Gravity Type Casting
  2. Low-Pressure Gravity Type Casting
  3. Gravity Casting

When buying a battery, always opt for batteries built using the HADI or High-Pressure Gravity Type Casting method as it’s the most advanced process that guarantees robustness, durability and longer service life of the battery. Don’t get deterred by the slightly higher cost for batteries manufactured using this technique as the low cost of ownership and extended lifecycle will make up for the initial cost you pay on buying them.

Load Capacity

Cheaper isn’t always the best, since you also have to factor in a battery’s ability to handle loads in addition to the inverter battery price. You need a battery according to your power requirement, i.e., how many appliances you want to run during an outage and its power requirement. A 150 Ah battery is good enough for a typical Indian household with a few fans, lights, and television set to run; however, if you want to run heavy-load appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and pumps, etc. then you might need a battery with a higher Ah, so choose a battery accordingly.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs play a pivotal role in the overall cost of ownership of a battery and choosing a wrong battery might cost you more in the long term. Therefore, it’s important that you read verified buyer reviews and do a thorough comparison between batteries that fall within the same class, and then choose one with the lowest maintenance costs.

If you are looking for a battery that ticks all the points that we discussed, then the Luminous RC 18000 Tall Tubular Battery can provide great value for your money. It’s a 12 Volt, 150 Ah tall tubular inverter battery which is efficient and is perfect for heavy duty applications. Moreover, the battery offers exceptional overcharge tolerance, and superior performance during long and frequent power cuts with minimal maintenance. If you are looking for a battery that offer maximum value for your money, look no further than this battery.

Product Description

  • Battery – Red Charge RC 18000
  • 150 Ah capacity, 12V
  • Warranty 36* Months
  • Tubular Technology battery Robust Tubular plates
  • Low antimony alloy used for low maintenance
  • Suitable for areas with frequent and long power cuts
  • Excellent overcharge tolerance (accepts very deep discharge-suitable for areas with long power cut)
  • Factory charge battery in ready to use condition
  • High Durability with sealed plastic housing

Luminous is known for making some of the best inverter batteries with superior service lives, low cost of ownership, along with unmatched efficiency. They have batteries across a range of inverter battery prices and load capacity requirements, so if you are looking for a battery that is big on delivery, then do make sure to check out the RC 18000, if you want nothing but the absolute best!

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