Reasons for World of Tanks popularity

The main reason for World of Tanks popularity is connection between the developer and its audience and the interesting gameplay of this multiplayer project.

World of Tanks was developed more than 12 years ago. It is a free-to-play battle MMO, which has not lost its popularity over the years. Moreover, more than 160 million users make up the audience of this game project and the developers release new modes regularly. That’s why this game is still fresh. Also, you can download unique android tanks background to decorate your desktop.

You will be able to play World of Tanks even if you do not understand the military features and do not know what is the essence of combat strategies. This project will delight you with a variety of combat equipment and simplicity of gameplay. So, you will need to work in a friendly team in order to defeat your enemy. After years of game release, this MMO still takes new gamers who can enjoy it by its essence.

You will be able to create a unique set of military equipment, because this project will demonstrate to you more than six hundred of these. Any of the tanks will help you to feel the interest of a real battle and will give an unforgettable experience. All the tanks correspond to the MMO theme there. That’s why you’ll like World of Tanks if you’re used to playing at DPS.

Variety of gameplay modes and mechanics

Each gamer is unique in his or her preferences. World of Tanks will appeal to all of us.

  • For example, users who prefer to play alone can organise some kind of one-person army in this game. There is also such training mode as PvE, which will help you to familiarise yourself with the basic features of combat strategy.
  • But there are such gamers who like to team up in teams to defeat enemies, and the game under such conditions will help you create a squad of three people. The team game in this project will help you reach a high level as it gives more credits and XP than the solo mode. Moreover, if you play in the same squad each time, you will receive bonuses from the progress of gameplay. Among them is access to fresh modes, such as fortress battles, which will teach you military strategy and give you more spiciness in your game.
  • Finally, this game project has a competitive factor that will fascinate you thanks to the tournaments in team or solo mode. Such an element attracts World of Tanks gamers and keeps their interest in this project through the years. This game holds the World of Tanks Clan Rivals competition regularly, which gives the squads prizes for participation and wins. You can declare your skill and participate in this competition.

Unique graphics and high level of optimization

This MMO is still the most important project in this field. World of Tanks is updated every year and becomes an increasingly aesthetic and modern game. Moreover, in 2018, this project received a major update, during which its developers changed the technology of ray tracing and made World of Tanks graphics more realistic.

However, the graphics of this game are not perfect in that not every gamer has enough capable computer and graphics processor for such capabilities. And you can enable optimization mode so that the gameplay is as comfortable as possible for you and that you can enjoy the game even on an ancient computer. This is why every gamer is a welcome guest in the World of Tanks project.

Player input into fresh features

World of Tanks receives a lot of attention from users, and it is much more than other MMO games have. Each gamer can test new game features that developers will add in the future. This helps the project developers to understand how relevant the supplement and update is in time. That is why the improvement of the World of Tanks is a team effort and a grateful business. Users love this universe for this soulful mood.

In the future, this game will receive even more new modes and updates. The army of dedicated fans of military strategy and this particular project is still huge and supports this project, making it popular and friendly. The developers of this game are a team of responsible professionals who do not give up their favourite business and improve the World of Tanks regularly. Wargaming studio has become a trusted team that improves their main project and has a famous name in the world of video games.

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