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When editing a PDF file, we may merge numerous PDF files into a single document. However, when we download and open the merged file, we occasionally discover that some of the pages are in the incorrect order. You may re-combine the files, but you can also attempt to move pages in PDF. Some basic PDF readers, however, do not support rearranging PDF files. Furthermore, there are several PDF applications available on the internet, making it difficult to choose the best one. We’ve compiled a list of useful tools to help you save time and swiftly reorganize PDF documents.

  • Sejda PDF Desktop

Sejda PDF Desktop is another option for moving pages in PDF. This online tool offers an offline version, so you won’t be troubled if you don’t have access to the internet. The desktop program has the same user interface and powerful functionality as its online counterpart. It may also be used for PDF conversion, combining, rearranging, locking, unlocking, editing, and other tasks. To modify the order of your PDF pages, follow the instructions below.

  • com is a sophisticated web-based PDF software that can move a PDF page to a different place. In addition to the ordering function, it has the following features: convert, merge, divide, remove, edit, resize, and many more. You can also easily manage your PDF documents on both Windows and Mac devices. Here’s how to utilize it. When there is a need to rearrange pages in PDF, you may take a look at this tool and get the most out of it. It can deliver quick results when you rearrange pages PDF.

  • PDF Expert for iPhone and iPad

This software not only allows you to read PDF files and modify the arrangement of PDF pages, but it also allows you to edit PDF files on your iPhone or iPad.

To reposition any pages, just download this app to your smartphone > press the button under “Documents” on the top left > tap “Edit” > choose the page(s) to be moved > Press the page(s) for approximately a second > drag and drop the page(s) to where you want to place them > click “Done” to preserve the changes

  • PDF Page Extractor

PDF Page Extractor and Removal for Android As the name implies, this mobile PDF application works on extracting PDF pages as well as erasing undesired bits. So, if you plan on managing your PDF pages, such as reordering the pages, this tool is worth considering. Let’s use this program to shift pages in a PDF now. Install the app from the Google Play store > tap “ADD” > go to the location where you want to pick the documents and import the file > To rearrange the PDF pages, choose the file > touch “SELECT” > tap the three dots button at the bottom of the page > select “Move page to place.”

When you are looking for a tool on how to arrange pages in PDF, you may take a look at these. Then you can go ahead and get your work done without a problem.

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