Questions asked in a Tele-Medical Interview before buying a Term Insurance

When you’re ready to buy a suitable term insurance plan to protect your loved ones financially, there are some protocols that you’re asked to follow. For example, you’ll be required to fill out an application form and submit relevant documentation to support it.

The insurer will also schedule what is known as a tele-medical interview with you to understand your medical history. Sometimes, term plan buyers get worried about this interview and want to understand exactly what it is.

If you’re one of those policy buyers who want to be prepared before your telemedical interview, then this blog is just the thing for you. Let us look at why a tele-medical interview is conducted before a term plan purchase and what are some of the common questions asked in such an interview.

Why is a Tele-Medical Interview Conducted?

A tele-medical interview is a way for insurers to know more about your medical history before they sell you a term plan. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, a physical doctor’s consultation and check-up were conducted instead of a telephonic conversation.

But since social distancing became the norm, such physical consultations for the purposes of term insurance were discontinued, and many insurers started having tele-medical interviews, where a doctor asked certain questions about the policy buyer’s health over the phone. Answering these questions correctly and truthfully is important to secure the term plan without any hassles.

Common Questions Asked in a Tele-Medical Interview

Medical History

You’ll be asked to divulge details about your current medical history. This includes questions on whether you’re currently suffering from or were ever diagnosed with common ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.

Prescription Drugs

The person conducting the tele-medical interview may also ask you to name all the prescription medicines that you’re currently taking. Insurers can find out about ailments by evaluating the medicines you’re taking. So, it is important to not skip any drug or disease since the insurers can find out about it anyway.

History of Hospitalisation

The interviewer may ask you if you were ever hospitalised before; if yes, then for how many days and for what ailment. This question is aimed at understanding if you have a greater propensity for hospitalisations. The terms of your policy will be decided accordingly.

Medical Procedures

Questions may also be asked about any medical or surgical procedures that you’ve undergone in the past. Keep your medical history handy and list out all medical procedures that were done, even if they were minor surgeries.

Familial Medical History

Many common disorders like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease have a familial predisposition, and that’s why the interviewer may inquire about the history of such diseases in your family.

Consulting Doctor

The interviewer may ask you the name and location of the doctor that you visit for your existing ailments or general illness.

Lifestyle Habits

One of the most important questions that is asked in all tele-medical interviews is regarding lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking, use of narcotics, etc. It is best to be truthful at this stage since the insurer can find this out via your medical tests, and in case of any discrepancies, your family’s insurance claim may be rejected.

Psychiatric Disorders

The tele-medical interviewer may also ask whether you’re suffering from psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc.

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These are not a fixed set of questions but rather a general list that most insurers inquire about. Other questions pertaining to your specific application may also be asked. The best way to ensure that your interview is successful is to be prepared and gather your entire medical history when you’re ready for the interview.

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